5 Popular Japanese Models Show You the Yukata Trends for 2017

04.August.2017 | FASHION / FEATURES

Summertime time in Japan means lots of events and festivals! It also means you have to start picking out what to wear for them, too. The main dress when going to festivals or to see fireworks in Japan is the yukata. But when people wear them they tend to all look the same.


So today, we’re showcasing a list of yukata co-ords put together by popular models in Japan, who are usually stylishly dressed up in clothes other than traditional Japanese garments! There’s many points to be highlighted about their yukata, so you can take them away and wear yours even more beautifully too.


Rina Tanaka looking mature with her obi string

Rina Tanaka put on her yukata and styled her hair by herself. The camellia print yukata she is swaying is from Unsodo. It really gives her that mature, grown-up kind of look. Note the way she has tied the string around her obi too. It finishes the look and makes the entire yukata look that much more chic.


Plus, the pink and white striped obi sash gives her outfit a playfulness. She’s just too much♡


Rinko Murata made even cuter with her heko-obi

Rinko Murata uses a yellow ribbon in this co-ord, something that is sure to catch the eye of passersby. The ribbon itself is attached to a “heko obi” or “soft obi.” By simply changing your usual obi out for a heko obi, you will completely change the way your yukata comes across. What’s more if that you can tie a heko obi in lots of different ways, so this is something you have to look into!


Culumi Nakada and her standout accessory

Here is Culumi Nakada looking fantastic in her yukata with serene colouring. When wearing a yukata, people tend to go for Japanese-style accessories, but Culumi is challenging that by wearing gold earrings, and they go perfectly. Next time you wear a yukata, try wearing your hair up like Culumi, it’ll make you look even more ladylike!


Una looking even flashier with a bi-colour obi

Una is rocking the gold accessories too, it makes her look really cool. By using a two colours, you can create an even classier obi. Even if you have a yukata that you’re tired of wearing, you can change your look entirely by trying this method. That’s part of the fun of co-ordinating yukata.


Natsume Mito’s big hair accessory is goals

Here is Natsume Mito wearing an adorable gingham and apple print yukata! She is serving up gorgeousness with her big hair accessory♡ The obi and geta she is wearing also match, completing the look. Try colour-matching yourself, too.


If you want the full rundown of Natsume Mito’s yukata, then check out our previous article here.

Try using the co-ords put together by all of the models as reference and master the art of wearing yukata stylishly!


text:Aya Matsuda
edit:Tomoko Yabuta



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