Release of Sailor Moon’s shining “Moon Stick” and “Transforming Pens”

14.August.2017 | FASHION

“Gasha-Depa,” a store located on Bandai’s official shopping website, “Premium Bandai,” has started to accept orders for the ornament set consisting of Sailor Moon items named “the Sailor Moon Stick and Rod ~Light Up Edition~” for 7,344 yen (tax included/shipping cost and charge for service not included) from 1:00 pm on August the 10th 2017. It will be released only by Premium Bandai.


This product is the second version of the “Stick and Rod” series which has been popular as a “Gash-Pon-Kan” (vending machine) item imitating Sailor Moon items. The new version consists of 5 items, 1 shining Moon Stick and 4 Transforming Pens.


The Moon Stick has a star-shaped button on the stick and when it is pushed, the moon part lights up.


The 4 “Transforming Pens” are new items in the “Stick and Rod” series. You can display them as one set, or you can display them individually because each one has a stand. Moreover, you can use these pens as ball-point pens.


Gold foil printing is used on one part of this exclusive product, so Sailor Moon fans will for sure be most satisfied.


Why not get your very own completely exclusive Sailor Moon items!



・Product: the Sailor Moon

             Stick and Rod ~Light Up Edition~

( )

・Price: 7,344 yen (tax included/shipping cost and service charge not included)

・Contents: ・Moon Stick (light up version) 1

           ・Transforming Pen (the Sailor Mercury) 1

           ・Transforming Pen (the Sailor Mars) 1

           ・Transforming Pen (the Sailor Jupiter) 1

           ・Transforming Pen (the Sailor Venus) 1

           *Each has their own stand and parts

           *Packed in an exclusive box

・Sold by: Only “Premium Bandai” at Bandai’s official shopping website

       ( )

・Ordering period: From 1:00 pm on August the 10th 2017 until the items are sold out

・Shipping date: January 2018 (expected)


© Naoko Takeuchi, PNP, Toei Animation

© Naoko Takeuchi


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