Original Hatsune Miku Merchandise Available at Pop-up Shop in Akihabara and at “NewDays” Stores

18.August.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

NewDays, a convenience store in Japan, is teaming up with everyone’s favourite virtual idol Hatsune Miku to release a range of Miku merchandise with original Miku illustrations. The merchandise will be available at 20 select NewDays stores, as well as a pop-up shop that will open at Akihabara Station.


The new range of merchandise will feature 9 original illustrations of Miku, who is celebrating her 10th anniversary and who is being used as the promotional character for the “Vegetable Day Campaign” that will run at NewDays and NewDays KIOSK from August 22nd.


The standout design from the illustrations features Hatsune Miku dressed in the JR East uniform. It was created by “iXima,” who was responsible for the main visual for “Magical Mirai 2017,” an annual Vocaloid concert, and “Yukino Tamago,” who created the original design for “Hachune Miku,” a popular fan-made version of Hatsune Miku.



Hatsune Miku followers are not to miss out on this original merch – check out what’s up for grabs and where below!



・Hatsune Miku Merchandise (1st Wave of Merchandise)
・Dates Available:
August 22, 2017 to September 4, 2017 *Once all products are sold out at each store they will not be made available again

JR East Retail Homepage:

・Store Locations
Merchandise available at 20 NewDays shops around the capital (Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, etc.)

*For full details please visit the company’s homepage


・Merchandise List

A4 Clear File (set of 3) & Stickers – ¥1,620

Trading Pin Badges (8 types) – ¥540

Picks (set of 3) – ¥1,080

Acrylic Keyholder (4 types) – ¥1,080

Rubber Pass Case (1 type) – ¥1,620

*all prices include tax

・About 2nd Wave of Hatsune Miku Merchandise

A second wave of merchandise will be available at two of the stores below from August 31st. There will also be special bonuses available for purchase at those two stores only.

・Dates Available:
August 31, 2017 to September 4, 2017

・Store Locations:

(1) JR Akihabara Station Pop-up Shop (Open 10:00-21:00)

“NewDays×Hatsune Miku 831 Collab Shop”

*Location: in front of “Tokyo Food Bar” at the Electric Town Exit ticket gates of Akihabara Station (JR side)

*On the first day only, August 31st, the shop will be open 13:00-21:00

*Depending on conditions of the station, the shop’s opening times are subject to change or cancellation.

*There will also be lots of other Hatsune Miku merchandise available besides the goods for the campaign (such as figures).

(2)NewDays Kaihin Makuhari

(Open: Weekdays 6:30-23:00 / Sunday & National Holidays 6:30-22:00)

*Location: ticket gates at Kaihin Makuhari Station (JR side)


From August 31st to September 4th, customers who spend more than ¥5,000 (tax incl.) on Hatsune Miku merchandise at the “NewDays×Hatsune Miku 831 Collab Shop” or “NewDays Kaihin Makuhari” store will receive an original tote bag which are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that once the tote bags are sold out at each store they will not be made available again.

・Merchandise List:
Container (1 type) – ¥8,100

Large-sized Blanket (2 types) – ¥10,800

Full Graphic T-shirt (3 types) – ¥7,560

Tote Rucksack (3 types) – ¥8,100

B2 Tapestry (1 type) – ¥3,240

Muffler Towel (3 types) – ¥2,160

Mug (3 types) – ¥1,620

*all prices include tax

Who is “Hatsune Miku”? – http://piapro.net


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