German born Japanese rapper Blumio moves to Japan and releases Japanese rap song “UNIQLO”

20.August.2017 | MUSIC

Born and raised in Dusseldorf, Germany, Blumio has to date released 5 CDs since his debut as a rapper in 2005. Having had 44 million hits on YouTube, his popularity is on the rise. Moving to Japan last year, he released his new song UNIQLO on YouTube (free download) as a self-introduction of himself to his Japanese audience.


Blumio released his debut song, “Meine Lielingsrapper” (my favorite rappers) in 2005 in Germany. In this song, he does a good job of imitating his 12 favorite rappers and this song boosted him into popularity. In 2009 he released the single, “Hey Mr. Nazi” in which he raps a conversation with a neo-Nazi. This song became a big hit with downloads on YouTube surpassing 16 million (as of 2017 August).



He has continued his rapping activities and has to date release 5 DCs in Germany. In 2016, he decided move to his parent’s homeland, Japan and his first music video UNIQLO has now been released.



In this new song Blumio changes his rapping style from his German days presenting his “Japaneseness” while at the same time maintaining his high level of rapping skill. The song is casual and catchy and expresses his love for the UNIQLO brand. Along with the release of this song, an official website has been opened. Free downloading of this song, UNIQLO is now possible at this site. Let’s keep a focus on this artist’s and watch out for how he develops his German earned skills here in Japan.


▶︎Blumio has the following comments to his Japanese audience:

“Hellooo! Im Blumio, a Japanese rapper, born and raised in Germany. So far, for my whole career Ive been rapping in German in Germany. Buuuut, last year I moved to Japan, and now Im enjoying my life here. And rapping in Japanese too of course!



New song:UNIQLO

Official website:


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