How will robots and AI shape the future? Find out at the “AI×Robotics Exhibition” at Sony Square Shibuya Project

19.August.2017 | SPOT

Located on the first floor of Shibuya MODI, “Sony Square Shibuya Project,” a hub for delivering the latest information regarding Sony, is going to hold a new exhibition from September 2nd based around AI and robotics.



Sony were the first to bring attention to the possibility of fusing AI with robotics as demonstrated with AIBO, a series of robotic pets designed and manufactured by Sony to be used in the household.


Since then, they have gone on to develop even more advanced AI robots and continue to create a huge range of new robotic experiences. They have even begun work on creating AI systems that can self-learn and develop their own frameworks.


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To celebrate the past and present achievements of Sony’s activities, they are holding an “AI×Robotics Exhibition” in Sony Square Shibuya Project to showcase their work and the possibilities that lie ahead in the future. They will also be holding a workshop for their educational robot programming kit “KOOV.”



Works on Display:


“AIBO” – An ‘entertainment robot’ whose behaviour can change depending on its surroundings and environment. This autonomous robot gained much attention for its ability to think and move by itself thanks to its capacity to learn, feel, grow and maintain an instinct as a result of its sense of touch, hearing, sight and balance.




“QRIO” – A bipedal humanoid robot that can walk on two legs, QRIO was developed to seek the possibility for a robot to walk upright like a human. Along with its movement capabilities, it can also communicate with people very well.



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“Xperia Smart Products” – You will have the opportunity to test the latest Xperia smart products from Sony that offer a new way to communicate. Among the list of products is the “Xperia Ear,” an earpiece that enables you to communicate with people handsfree, search for information and more, as well as the “Xperia Touch,” a projection device that allows you to project an interactive touchscreen onto any surface and is also controllable via voice command.



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Experience first-hand the latest technology at Shibuya MODI.






“AI×Robotics Exhibition in Sony Square Shibuya Project”
Location: Shibuya MODI 1F (1-21-3 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo)

Running: Saturday September 2nd to Wednesday September 20th

Time: 11:00-21:00

*Sony Square Shibuya Project is open all year round apart from August 23rd, January 1st and preparation dates for events. For full information, check the website below.


・“KOOV” Workshop

*The products used will be different for both the ‘general’ sessions and ‘children’s’ sessions.


General Sessions:

Wednesday September 6th – 19:00-20:00

Wednesday September 13th – 19:00-20:00

Friday September 15th – 19:00-20:00

Saturday September 16th – 18:00-19:00

Sunday September 17th – 18:00-19:00


Children’s Sessions:

Saturday September 9th – 11:30-12:30

Sunday September 10th – 11:30-12:30

Saturday September 16th – 11:30-12:30

Sunday September 17th – 11:30-12:30


For full details, please check the website below.



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