TRAVEL Q&A: Where can I meet “Harajuku Girls?”―10 things you should know about sightseeing in Japan

07.September.2017 | SPOT

It’s time to go sightseeing in Japan! But, where should I go? MMN will introduce to you “Ten things you should know about sightseeing in Japan.” especially around the Tokyo area.


1: Where can I get some good sushi?


If you visit Japan, of course you will want to eat sushi! Sushi can be expensive at some shops. If you want a cheaper option there are actually 100 yen plate sushi shops!!! Sushi-lovers can now pig out without worrying about whether they are eating high-end fish. (You see, at sushi-go-round sushi restaurants, you can tell the prices by the color of the plate).

There are lots of places in town you can go to for this awesome deal. You can also ask about good sushi restaurants located near your hotel at the front desk! You should check out MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON’s FOOD category for further details about recommended Japanese restaurants.




2: Where can I meet “Harajuku Girls?”


If you want to meet “Harajuku Girls,” you should come to MOSHI MOSHI BOX located near the Takeshita Street. There is a big and colorful world clock on the wall of the MOSHI MOSHI BOX building and many Harajuku girls visit there to take photogenic photos! KAWAII MONSTER CAFÉ is also recommended because all waiters are “cosplay-ers”!





3: Where is the “maid café?”

You can meet these “maids” in Akihabara! Get “maids” to welcome you and draw cute drawings on your food here. Akihabara is also the electric appliance center of Tokyo so you can get all your tech-gear here. And Akihabara is known for “Otaku”(people who love animes)so you should go there if you want to see Japanese Anime culture.

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