Pre-orders open for the new “One Piece Osechi” New Year’s food box!

07.September.2017 | FOOD

Pre-orders for the 2018 “One Piece Osechi” opened on September 4th.


“One Piece Osechi 2018” is an authentic osechi containing two tiers with 31 different foods – one with pirate seafood and the other with different Luffy meats.


An ‘osechi’ is similar to a bento box – they are filled with food to be eaten during New Year’s. The One Piece osechi is packed full of all the must-have food goodies to appease the appetites of kids and young people, put together by well-established osechi maker stores.


The top of the osechi box features the Straw Hat Pirates and includes a plate with an original illustration, chopsticks branded with the logo, a super cool wrapping cloth and more, proving the worth of this year’s osechi release filled to the brim with limited edition items with original illustrations. And since the osechi will arrive as it is and already refrigerated there is no need to worry about defrosting or having to arrange the food.



Begin your 2018 with the all-new One Piece osechi!



【Osechi Food Contents】


“Tier One: Pirate Seafood” – 16 foods

Contains lots of seafood that has been carefully selected and examined. As well as ebi and herring roe, tier one also contains datemaki, kuri kinton, black soy beans and more. Also includes Chopper & logo pick.

<Menu> ●Matcha Fukusa Yaki ●Ebi Roe ●Sockeye Salmon ●Datemaki ●Roe Umani ●Plum Vinegar Flavoured Octopus ●Ebi ●Herring Roe ●Anchovies ●Chickpeas ●Kuri Kinton ●Sweet Potato with Sesame Sweetened Boiled Fish ●Black Soy Beans ●Ikura Shoyu-zuke ●Naruto Kintoki Potato ●Crab



“Tier Two: Luffy Meat” – 15 foods

Contains lots of meats loved by Luffy packed with all different kinds of delicious meaty goodness. Also contains lots of western food such as quiche and terrine. Includes Luffy & Logo pick.

<Menu> ●Chicken Thighs w/ Tomato & Basil ●Kakuni ●Chicken Herb Roll made in Hokkaido ●Quiche w/ 7 different vegetables  ●Salmon Terrine  ●Smoked Aigamo Duck ●Raisin Ultimate ●Brown Cane Sugar Roast Pork ●Beef Pastrami ●Marble Cheese ●Pork Thigh Bacon Slice ●Lemon Flavoured Smoked Tongue ●Teriyaki Chicken Thighs ●Kumquat w/ Leaf ●Candied Young Peach







One Piece Osechi

Contents: 2-tier food box containing 31 different items

Price: ¥16,200 (incl. tax and shipping fee)

On sale from September 4th until sold out.

Delivery Date: December 31, 2017

Best Before: January 1, 2018 at 11pm

Storage: Keep in fridge

*Please note that the contents are subject to change depending on production and directing.


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Service Hours: Weekdays at 10:00-18:00

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