Japanese people recommend their favourite tourist spots in Instagram photo campaign!

10.September.2017 | SPOT

The Ryokan Tokyo started a limited period campaign on September 8th for Japanese people to take one photo of Japan that they would show to foreigners highlighting their favourite thing about the country.


Campaigners must post a photo on Instagram with the hashtags #私の好きな日本 (“my favourite Japan”) and #TheRyokanTokyo. Two lucky winners will be chosen to receive a ticket for a free night at The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA. Those of you with plans to come to Japan while the campaign is running should definitely search #私の好きな日本 on Instagram and check out people’s photos.


The main targets for the The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA are tourists and travelers coming from overseas. They offer people a chance to experience a traditional Japanese ryokan in a casual and friendly environment.


The number of overseas visitors coming to Japan has continued increasing in recent years, so a lot of media in Japan are covering foreigner’s image of Japan from overseas as well as interesting and fun parts they like about the country. In response to this, The Ryokan Tokyo have set up this campaign for Japanese people to show their perspective of Japan. They will cover things such as “interesting things inherently Japanese,” “a scene or moment captured in one photo to show to overseas visitors, showcasing the charm of Japan,” “wonderful things about Japan,” and so on. They will deliver they favourite things about the country to people both inside and outside Japan.


The celebrate the start of the campaign, The Ryokan Tokyo released a photo together (pictured above) with the commemorative photo service “Lovegraph” with the same theme of “my favourite Japan.”


Check out the campaign photos and maybe even get involved yourself!



Instagram Photo Campaign #私の好きな日本


Take a photo showcasing your favourite thing about Japan and post on Instagram with #私の好きな日本 (“my favourite Japan”). Photos must be your own and must cover something along the lines of “interesting things inherently Japanese,” “a scene or moment captured in one photo to show to overseas visitors, showcasing the charm of Japan,” “wonderful things about Japan” etc. You are free to choose the subject of the photo, including people and scenery. (*Please make sure to gain permission from any person(s) you are taking a photo of)


<How to Participate>

1:Follow the following 2 official Instagram accounts.




2:Take your photo following the theme above


3:Post your photos on Instagram with the hashtags #私の好きな日本 and #TheRyokanTokyo

※Make sure to include both hashtags in your post.

※You can add hashtags to past photos you have taken and already uploaded.

※You can enter with as many photos as you like.


<Participation Requirements>

Photos taken must be your own.

※Minors must receive permission from a parent or guardian to enter the campaign.


<Campaign Duration>

Photos to be posted between Friday September 8, 2017 and Saturday September 30, 2017.


<Results Announcement>

Monday October 2, 2017


<The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA Free Ticket Validity Period>

Saturday October 14, 2017 to Monday November 13, 2017



Please read and understand following list of precautions and prohibited items carefully before entering the campaign.


※By entering the campaign, you acknowledge and agree to the possibility that your campaign photos are subject to be posted on via the @theryokantokyo and @lovegraph_me accounts and on the official websites of The Ryokan Tokyo and Lovegraph. You also agree that your photos may be modified or cropped.

※The free accommodation ticket to The Ryokan Tokyo YUGAWARA will only be given to people that are able to stay at there between Saturday October 14, 2017 and Monday November 13, 2017.

※Please note that if you do not respond to the winning message within 7 days your placement will become invalid.

※If you are chosen as the winner of campaign, you will be contacted via Instagram with a direct message from @theryokantokyo.

※Winners are chosen by The Ryokan Tokyo.

※For more guidelines and information, please visit the campaign page below.