“Chopper” from ONE PIECE and “Steiff,” a long-established teddy bear brand collaborate together!

13.September.2017 | FASHION

The official shopping site of Bandai called “Premium Bandai” has started accepting reservations for “Steiff×TONYTONY CHOPPER,” a collaborative product of “Steiff,” a long-established teddy brand in Germany and “TONYTONY CHOPPER,” the deer doctor who appears in the animation “ONE PIECE” from the 7th of September (13:00), 2017 (Thurs). The quantity of this stuffed toy is limited (1,500) and each product has its serial number on the left ear.


The brown-colored teddy bear wears the costume of TONYTONY CHOPPER. The blue nose, the big, pink silk hat and the shorts of CHOPPER are re-created precisely.


The gorgeous teddy bear is made with mohair and has a smooth texture. The left ear has a marking which proves the product is a “Steiff” called “Button In Ear” and there is a tag with a red serial number printed showing that the quantity of the product is limited (1,500).


On the backside of the left foot there is the inscription, “CHOPPER” and an embroidered cherry-blossom which reminds us the famous scene where CHOPPER decides to leave on a trip as a member of “Mugiwara no Ichimi” (the pirates of straw hats).


Don’t miss this chance to get your very own quantity-limited teddy bear!



・Product name : Steiff×TONYTONY.CHOPPER

        ( http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000117907/?rt=pr )

・Price : 43,200 yen (tax included) (shipping cost and commission charge are not included)

・Content: the product / serial number certification / Steiff’s gift box


※Please note that you cannot choose a serial number.


・Quantity: 1,500 only

・Size of the product: 20cm (side), 28chm (height), 10cm (depth)


※Since the products are handmade, the number of teddy bears which can be shipped in February is limited.

※The number of February-shipped teddy bears is limited so, you may be asked for consent to ship to you after February.


(C)Eiichiro Oda / Shueisha, Fuji Television, Toei Animation