FRUITS ZIPPER Live Report: New Opportunities and the Group’s First Step Towards Global Expansion

16.September.2022 | MUSIC

FRUITS ZIPPER, a seven-member idol group whose song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro skyrocketed in popularity on TikTok this summer with over 500 million plays, held their first solo concert ~KIKKAKE~ on September 12, 2022. 


Debuting from ASOBISYSTEM’s idol project KAWAII LAB in April, tickets for FRUITS ZIPPER’s first solo concert sold out. Although the group’s name may seem strange, it has a meaning–FRUITS, ‘to bear fruit,’ and ZIP, meaning ‘to give energy,’ is the perfect title for such a young and exciting group. In a short time, the seven members have managed to take on a number of live performances and bring smiles to audiences around Japan. The girls’ efforts over the hot summer months paid off in the form of a totally packed house.


When the lights in the venue dimmed, the audience shined with the seven member’s colors coming from fans’ penlights. A video began playing, and one by one, the members gave their thoughts about what it means to take the stage.


“The existence of idols saved me. I hope that I can be that kind of presence for someone else.”(Amane Tsukiashi)


“I wanted to sparkle. I want to work my hardest.” (Karen Matsumoto)


“Harajuku is a town filled with many different cultures, and that has always given me strength. I want to become someone’s power spot!” (Mana Manaka)


“This was a dream I gave up on time and time again, but I thought it could come true here. I want to spread my wings and become an idol everyone loves!” (Yui Sakurai)


“Music has always been close to me, ever since I was a child. When I was looking for a place I could stay involved with it, I found FRUITS ZIPPER!” (Noel Hayase)


“I stand on the stage to thank the fans who have always supported my becoming an idol!” (Luna Nakagawa)


“I can’t let myself die until I become an idol. That’s what I’ve always thought.” (Suzuka Chinzei)


Sakurai and Nakagawa showed fierce determination to overcome their past setbacks and stand on stage as idols. Chinzei’s earnest feelings also came through, and each girl’s emotion swept the audience. 


As the audience began clapping in rhythm, the seven members took the stage, forming a circle and dancing to the sound of electronica. When the opener came to a close, they released their joined hands, scattering like flower petals with smiles on their faces. 

The group opened the show with the classic-sounding idol track skyfeelan. The lyrics of this song were written based on tweets from the members, and each girl sang with feeling and passion. Despite this being their first solo show, the members weren’t at all stiff, instead seeming to relax and totally enjoy themselves. 


The girls then continued with their debut song Kimi no Akarui Mirai wo Oikakete. Fans danced along with the chorus, and colorful penlights twinkled everywhere the eye could see.


“It’s been four and a half months since our debut in April, and we’ve been working so hard to make it to this day,” Sakurai said during the MC portion. “Here at LIQUIDROOM, we want all of you to see what we’ve accomplished!” The multilingual Hayase translated the message of NEW KAWAII into English for overseas fans tuning in to the show.


Following the MC, the group took a break from idol-like tracks, performing two of their more cool songs–Re→TRY & FLY and We are Frontier. Even with the overwhelming sound of bass rocking the venue, the girls’ voices were powerful enough to compete. FRUITS ZIPPER only became more expressive with the help of lighting and video, embodying the theme of NEW KAWAII. 


Once the members left the stage, the radio program Furuppa Now began playing on screen. The KIKKAKE Reminicense Corner was held to honor the day’s live performance. Each member commented on FRUITS ZIPPER’s activities and what they have led to. The title of the live show, kikkake, means chance, and many doors have opened for the members over the past four months.


Hayase, the youngest member at only 17, put her cuteness on display, chatting about how she had started carrying parasols, wearing sunscreen, and learning how to wear makeup. Meanwhile, Manaka, the oldest of the group, revealed her belief that “trusting others is a key to self-growth,” going on to state that “doing something alone isn’t worth it. It’s more meaningful when someone hears you or watches you.” 


The other members gave their thoughts on what’s changed. “I’ve become more sociable,” Sakurai said. “I can get out of bed earlier,” Matsumoto bragged, while Tsukiashi claimed that it had become easier to hold the microphone steady. Nakagawa was honest, mentioning that she had begun Googling herself. Each member showed their individuality, one of the biggest charms of FRUITS ZIPPER.


Once the radio show wrapped, the members appeared in their new costumes to perform their new song Sekai wa Kimi kara Hajimaru for the first time. The song’s impressive melody combines a glittering idol sound with just a hint of sadness.


The lyrics seem to depict the many memories that FRUITS ZIPPER and fans will make together in the future. “From now on, we’ll always be together/I’ll engrave that promise on you so you don’t forget/I’ll tell you over and over/I’ll tell you over and over,” the girls sang.


During the chat after the performance, Chinzei announced the new song, with her voice beginning to warp and repeat. She laughed it off, wondering if she was beginning to shift beyond directions. 


The second half of the show began with the members dancing to the samba rhythm of their song Furefure Summer! during the interlude. 


Matsumoto then announced Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, the audience exploded with excitement, pumped to hear the song that put FRUITS ZIPPER on the map. This song brought people’s cuteness this summer, but the cuteness of the original was too powerful, with the fans almost too happy to function.

The song Kanpeki Shugide☆ is filled with FRUITS ZIPPER’s determination to fly around the world with no time to rest. The last song of the main setlist was RADIO GALAXY,  and the members danced expertly to the challenging song, with the arrangement, tempo, and melody constantly changing. 


After the audience began clapping incessantly, the members once again appeared on stage to perform their new song Sekai wa Kimi kara Hajimaru once again. Once the song ended, FRUITS ZIPPER had some exciting news to share–the girls will be collaborating with the magazine B.L.T. on a new series of articles! They also announced that their second solo concert will be held at Shibuya WWW X on November 11, 2022. 


During the final MC, each member gave their thoughts on the day’s performance. 


Manaka: “Feeling everyone in the audience watching me just makes me feel stronger and more united with the other members of FRUITS ZIPPER. I want to continue our work as one and continue performing in the future!”


Sakurai: “Since joining FRUITS ZIPPER, I’ve become so aware of how many people support me. Someday, I want to become an inspiration and support to someone else. I want to make someone else out there want to be an idol too.”


Nakagawa: “My dream is to sign my autograph on the backstage walls of live music clubs around the world, so I’ll do my best to make that come true!” 


Tsukiashi: I’ve been so happy this summer. I’m so fulfilled and I have this amazing sense of satisfaction. I hope that FRUITS ZIPPER will be able to spend many more happy seasons together.” 


Hayase: “When I joined FRUITS ZIPPER, I realized that chances are something everyone finds on their own. I hope that I can keep taking advantage of the opportunities I find to become a better person.”


Matsumoto: “From now on, I want to be an idol who not only makes me feel happy but also makes everyone else feel happy and entertained. Please keep supporting me as I work my hardest!” 


Chinzei: “Thanks to you all, I’m able to look forward to my future with so much support. I want to be that support for everyone too. I sincerely hope that we can keep supporting each other in the future!”


Manaka, Matsumoto, and Chinzei were so moved that they nearly began to cry. Until the very end, however, the seven members were strong, determined to communicate with their fans in their own words.


The group’s last song was Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro. A cannon sent multicolored paper blasting across the crowd, making the atmosphere even more bright and fun. 


To close the show, Chinzai gave a statement. “FRUITS ZIPPER will continue to move forward along with our motto ‘From Harajuku to the world,’ so please support us!”


With this incredible momentum, FRUITS ZIPPER will continue to soar to new heights. Don’t miss your chance to see the upwards trajectory of this incredible idol group!


The live performance is currently archived on ZAIKO.

Text: Kazuaki Asato
Photos: Masayo


  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Announces New Single ‘Isshin Doutai’, Releases Music Video Teaser

    22.September.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has announced that she will release a new single, Isshin Doutai, on October 5, 2022. A new artist photo and jacket image have already been revealed ahead of the catchy track’s release.


    The pop song will serve as the opening theme song for the Ninjala anime series and promises to get stuck in people’s heads instantly. Kyary’s performance at Coachella in April made headlines around the world, and her 10th anniversary Japan tour has been making headlines since it began. The artist performed in 30 locations across Japan.


    Ninjala will begin a new season on October 15. The series first began in January, and Kyary’s song Maybe Baby has been used as the theme thus far. 


    A teaser for the song’s music video has already appeared on YouTube, featuring a kaleidoscopic new visual with Kyary reflected in a mirror as she shows off some unique choreography. For those who have been fans of Kyary for a while, this video is packed with her personal style. 


    Isshin Doutai Music Video Teaser


    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will perform the last show on her 10th anniversary Japan tour on October 19 at Nippon Budokan. The performance, titled UMA 105, is sure to impress, so keep an eye out for details!

  • Rising Idol Group FRUITS ZIPPER Releases 7th Single ‘We are Frontier’

    06.September.2022 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER has been skyrocketing in popularity. This summer, the group’s track Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro took off on TikTok, with the music video racking up over 2.3 million views on YouTube. On TikTok, their songs have seen over 450 million plays, and on September 2, the girls released their new single, We are Frontier. This marks the third of four consecutive song releases. 


    The new song was produced by Hirotaka Hayakawa, who wrote the FRUITS ZIPPER tracks Kimi no Akarui Mirai wo Oikakete and skyfeelan. Branching out from their usual cute sound, the new track focuses more on ‘cool,’ showing off FRUITS ZIPPER’s aim to push forward and make their mark on in the idol landscape.

    More details about the group’s first solo live show ‘KIKKAKE’ at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on September 12 have been announced. VIP tickets and general admission tickets available for pre-sale sold out instantly, but in response to fan requests, the event will be broadcast live on ZAIKO! Tickets for the stream are available now, so don’t miss out!

  • KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea and features five talented members–Aya Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, Yukino Fushiki, Ririka Satsuki, and Fuuka Oishi.


    On August 31, 2022, the group released its newest single, Endless Summer!


    Endless Summer is the first song to be released by IDOLATER since it became a five-member group. The track was created with the song DIAMOND in mind, initially released in June 2021, just before the group announced that it would be adding new members.


    The song has a light four-to-the-floor tempo and a lightness never before heard in an IDOLATER track. Yukino Fushiki and Ririka Satsuki show off their powerful singing voices in the new song, and audiences are in for a treat.


    The members were also asked to share their favorite summer memories to date, and the lyrics are interspersed with these special moments. 


    Endless Summer was performed for the first time during Ririka Satsuki’s birthday celebration on August 31. 


    The chorus is something fans can easily groove with, so keep an ear out!


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER!


    Stay tuned for more from IDOLATER in the future!


  • Construction Industry Anime ‘Genba no Megami’ Announces New Series, Cast

    29.August.2022 | ANIME&GAME

    Kajikawa Construction, in business for over 117 years, and Harajuku-based production company ASOBISYSTEM teamed up to launch the 3K Project, aiming to transform the conventional stiff image of the construction industry. 3K stands for kawaii (cute), kirei (pretty), and kirakira (sparkling). Following the successful release of the social media anime series Genba no Megami (Goddess of the Site), a second season has been announced!


    The collaboration introduced a series of characters inspired by tools found on construction sites, where they were transformed into GIF stickers and published on GIPHY for use on Instagram and other sites. Within three months of release, the stickers had received over 15 million views worldwide.


    To commemorate the fantastic response to the image character GIF stamps, the first anime series was created and aired in winter 2020. The anime, which loosely and cutely depicts the construction industry, became a hot topic not only in the industry but also among anime fans.


    The new series will introduce a number of new characters inspired by the construction trade and the theme of ‘disaster prevention.’ The series hopes to educate the masses about the importance of safety, and all six episodes of the second season will debut on September 1 at 17:00 on the official YouTube and Twitter pages. 


    The Theme of the New Series: ‘Disaster Prevention’

    Disaster prevention is the key phrase for the new series. The new character Jairo is inspired by the Gyro Piler which can support buildings and levees against natural disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes. Shunsuke Takeuchi plays the character powerfully, but with a bit of a flirty personality.

    Characters to Become Glowing Balloons at Construction Sites

    Characters from the anime series will appear as fixtures used at actual construction sites. For this series, the company worked with Light Boy to create ‘balloon floodlights’ for the 3K Project. Four characters will appear on these floodlights, so keep an eye out!


    The floodlights will be unveiled at Moshimo Fes Shibuya 2022, a disaster prevention awareness event to be held in Yoyogi Park on September 3 and 4.


    Character & Cast Information


    ・Scoppy (Aimi Tanaka)

    Scoppy’s temporary form is a spade. She’ll lend an ear to someone no matter what they’re going through. She’s really interested in becoming a YouTuber.


    ・Coney (Yu Serizawa)

    Coney’s temporary form is a traffic cone. She’s a talkative tsundere Goddess with a cold tone. She’s also moved to tears more than anyone else in the group.



    ・Metty (Arisa Date)

    Metty’s temporary form is a hard hat. She’s quiet, talks gently, and tends to get sleepy easily. Even so, she cares about the little details.

    ・Gungun & Nonnon (Saki Yamakita)

    Gungun and Nonnon’s temporary forms are work gloves. They’re twin sisters but they couldn’t be more different from each other, each with their own opinions. They’re easily identifiable with their red and green appearances.

    ・Jairo (Shunsuke Takeuchi)

    A handsome and confident God. He takes on the form of the Gyro Piler, the latest machine supporting construction sites to help the goddesses bring peace to the earth. He has the ability to solve many difficult construction projects with his state-of-the-art functions, but his cheerful personality causes many other problems. It’s unclear whether this new hero is here to help or to cause more work to be done.


    Goddesses have come to Earth on a mission from the Gods to solve certain problems. In order to hide their appearance, they take on the form of various tools at a construction site and begin to investigate, but at the mercy of humans, the struggling goddesses ask for help from the Gods. Can humans and goddesses work together to solve problems on Earth?

  • FRUITS ZIPPER Launches First Subscription Community Channel ‘Atsumare☆Furuppa!’

    26.August.2022 | MUSIC

    The idol group FRUITS ZIPPER will launch its first subscription-only community channel ‘Atsumare☆Furuppa!’ on the video platform!


    The first stream will air on September 1. Half of the first stream will be available for free, so be sure to tune in!


    A Follow & Retweet campaign will be held to commemorate the event, and the winner will snag a signed photo of the FRUITS ZIPPER members! Stay tuned for more campaigns to coincide with the second and third streams.


    Follow & Retweet Campaign – Win and Recieve an Autographed Photo!

    Fans following the official FRUITS ZIPPER Twitter account and retweeting the appropriate post will be entered to win a signed photo of the members! When retweeting, be sure to let the group know what you’d like to see on the stream.

    ・FRUITS ZIPPER Official Twitter Account
    *The first campaign post will appear on the official FRUIT ZIPPER account, so retweet it!

    ・Number of Presents

    *The number of gifts will depend on the number of Retweets.
    Up to 100: 3
    100-200: 4
    200-300: 5
    Over 300: 10

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #10: Summer Vacation ZIPPER!

    19.August.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON readers, it’s nice to meet you! I’m Misa Kimura, the general producer of KAWAII LAB.

    On August 9, the group I produce, FRUITS ZIPPER, held their solo concert ‘Summer Vacation Zipper!’ at Yokohama 1000CLUB.


    FRUITS ZIPPER has been holding regular performances once a month, and thankfully, they’ve been selling out instantly, which makes me want to happy scream…we wanted to allow as many people as possible to see them live, which led to this summer concert. In this report, I wanted to look back at Summer Vacation ZIPPER, so be sure to read until the end!

    The theme for the show was, of course, summer vacation. The girls wanted to keep the fun going until the very last second, so we had fewer MC parts, instead having each member introduce themselves during their performance. This was also the largest venue FRUITS ZIPPER has performed in so far for a solo concert! FRUITS ZIPPER’s regular shows are always different, so we wanted to keep with that trend, doing something totally different. That’s how the laser performance came to be.


    We’d never used them before, but I thought they would look awesome in such a huge venue, so I took a chance!


    Check out the setlist for the concert below. 


    SE long ver.

    1 We are Frontier

    2 Re→TRY & FLY

    3 Furefure Summer! (Self Introduction ver.)

    4 Kimi no Akarui Mirai wo Oikakete


    5 Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro

    6 skyfeelan

    ~Summer Vacation ZIPPER! Special Laser Show~


    8 Kanpeki Shugi de☆



    Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro

    Furefure Summer!

    I made a long version of the intro to the laser show because wanted to make the sound effects really pop, and the first track really fits with the cool imagery. I took the FRUITS ZIPPER song Furefure Summer! and incorporated the member’s self-introductions along with the smooth samba rhythm. I think each member’s personality shone through so much, it was perfect! I think personally, it was difficult for some of the girls during rehearsal, with the default being something like “I’m Suzuka Chinzei, and my color is orange.” It’s hard to explain in writing, so anyone who doesn’t understand should ask Suzuka directly…


    For Furefure Summer!, I wanted to make a real sense of togetherness, so I thickened up the chorus and really stirred things up! It made me so happy to see the fans spinning their towels along with the girls.

    During the second half of the show, the girls performed RADIO GALAXY along with a special laser show. After seeing it during rehearsals, I was so excited to see it with the members! Even when the members left the stage, the energy in the venue didn’t die down at all. With such a cool performance, the members still channeled cuteness. FRUITS ZIPPER’s performance was so unique and totally embodied the idea of NEW KAWAII♡


    During the encore version of Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, I decided to break it up a bit! How was the slightly rougher version?


    I guess the highlight was Yui Sakurai’s part at the beginning. I think all of the members were able to pick out a good spot to break out because of her, so thank you, Yui.


    We tried to do something new with Summer Vacation ZIPPER! Although it was based on the idea of ‘vacation,’ so many people showed up, and we were so thankful. The event sold out even though it was held on a weekday, and so many people told us how much fun they had! FRUITS ZIPPER puts a big emphasis on entertaining audiences live, so I think this was a really meaningful performance ahead of their first one-man show on September 12. We’re not slowing down just yet, and the girls will keep working hard until that major milestone next month!


    I had so much more I wanted to ramble about, but that’s all for this report. See you again soon♡


    Thanks to everyone for reading until the very end!

  • Live Report: FRUITS ZIPPER Special Summer Solo Concert ~Summer Vacation Zipper!’

    17.August.2022 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER is a seven-member idol group created by ASOBISYSTEM’s KAWAII LAB project, aiming to introduce Japan’s growing idol culture to the world. Members of the up-and-coming group include Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    The group has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group has already begun to shatter records. Their song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro exploded in popularity on TikTok, racking up over 200 million plays and cementing the group’s spot as one of the biggest breakout idol groups of 2022.


    On August 9, FRUITS ZIPPER held a special summer solo concert titled ‘Summer Vacation Zipper!’ at Yokohama 1000CLUB. The performance was held to continue the summer festival energy pulsing through the country, and as a way to build momentum for the group as they head towards their solo concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on September 12. FRUITS ZIPPER performed a total of 10 songs and effortlessly kept the audience hooked from start to finish. Plenty of curious concertgoers turned up to get a glimpse of the hottest idol group on the scene, and tickets sold out despite the concert being held on a weekday.


    When it came time for the show to begin, the lights dimmed and the venue was illuminated by lasers. A long intro played along with the colorful lights, gradually building up anticipation with quicker beats and clapping sounds. The members appeared, slowly marching onto the stage and dancing along. With that, the show began in earnest.


    The summer show kicked off with the song We are Frontier. Red lights illuminated the stage and the seven sang powerfully, giving their all to perform their slick dance moves using their entire body. The audience swayed along, mesmerized entirely by the power of these seven performers. This concert was a hit from the very beginning.


    Moving into the song Re→TRY & FLY, the girls easily moved to the rhythm. During the chorus, the girls sang in perfect unison, bravely advancing to the front of the stage while raising their fists in the air. As the show continued, the members of FRUITS ZIPPER began to find the stage more comfortable, getting more fired up along with the fans in the crowd.


    The song Furefure Summer!, perfect for the season, was performed with an air of pure joy, with self-introductions made during the performance to emphasize each member’s individuality. The audience responded with their own towels and glow sticks as the band members ran around the stage, waving their own. The audience was becoming more and more heated up by the festival-like concert. 


    During the beautiful track Kimi no Akarui Mirai wo Oikakete, the girls looked adorable as they jumped, waved, and reached out to the audience. It was easy to feel how much passion they had for FRUITS ZIPPER, and their expressions were filled with only sincerity. 



    During the MC portion, Suzuka Chinzei gave a comment. “We’ve been holding regular performances every month, but we heard from many of our fans that they just couldn’t win the ticket lottery, so we decided to hold this special performance here at Yokohama 1000 Club!” She also expressed her appreciation to the many people who came out, shocked that the tickets had sold out so quickly.


    The second half of the concert began with the group’s most popular track to date, Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro. Each member was as cute as could be, each highlighting their most adorable parts. The audience was mesmerized by the detailed dance, filled with cross-steps, hand raises, and perfectly-synced turns. Happy energy spread throughout the venue as the girls transitioned into skyfeelan, a song with a gorgeous melody. The girls sang well, sometimes transitioning into a falsetto. FRUITS ZIPPER contains a wealth of singers with incredible potential, and it seems that the sky is the limit.


    The laser show was a major highlight of the show. Once the members left the stage, the FRUITS ZIPPER logo and a heart were beamed onto the stage. When the girls reappeared, they danced amid the seven-color lasers and lights as a bass-heavy EDM track played. Eventually, they moved into their newest track RADIO GALAXY, a song with a Kawaii Future Bass sound. The members and fans alike were excited by the rap portion and the singing portion in equal measure, showing the wonderful relationship between the idols and the listeners themselves.


    The last song of the main portion of the concert was Kanpeki Shugi de☆. In response to the fast and furious number, the entire group gave a sweet performance, moving sideways across the stage, making big hearts with their arms and flashing peace signs. As the lyrics state, “It’s okay, I can do my best because of you–stay with me.” This moving song expressed the desire of the fans to keep following FRUITS ZIPPER–and there’s no doubt that they will.


    After the main event, fans called out for an encore as the members left the stage. Of course, they obliged, returning to perform the fan-favorites Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro and Furefure Summer! one more time. As the excitement reached a peak, the curtain finally closed.


    This concert was filled with wonderful summer memories, and it’s clear that FRUITS ZIPPER will continue to create memories with fans well into the future. These girls will make great strides as they continue their activities, so keep your eyes on FRUITS ZIPPER!




    Writer: Masaki Ishiyama
    Photographer: Masayo

  • KAWAII LAB. is a project spearheaded by ASOBISYSTEM with the aim of introducing the
    world to popular Japanese idol culture. The idol group IDOLATER was born from this idea
    and the five members–Aya Okuda, Kurumi Tsukishiro, Yukino Fushiki, Ririka Satsuki, and
    Fuuka Oishi–continue to take Japan and the world by storm.


    In this report, we’ll take a look at how the members celebrate their birthdays from the
    staff’s point of view!


    On an idol’s birthday, that member takes center stage.

    Fans of birthday members are always excited for these days to roll around, as they get to
    see their favorite idol featured as the star of the show.


    Understandably, fans prepare for every birthday celebration.

    Fans also help each other to make birthdays more exciting by providing flowers to decorate the venue and distributing special glowsticks to visitors to use during the live performances.

    Below are some impressive pictures from Fushiki Yukino’s birthday celebration on July 17,2022!


    We also have some pictures from Fuuka Oishi’s birthday event on July 24!

    Additionally, a birthday celebration for Kurumi Tsukishiro was held on August 11.


    Each event is a memorable day for the birthday girl and fans alike, as each venue is
    decorated in the celebrant’s member color! We’d like to give our thanks to everyone who
    came to celebrate!


    On August 21, Ririka Satsuki will celebrate her special day.

    As you can see below, IDOLATER is filled with summer birthdays. 


    IDOLATER Member’s Birthdays: 

    January 7 – Aya Okuda

    July 17 – Fushiki Yukino

    July 25 – Fuuka Oishi

    August 9 – Kurumi Tsukishiro

    August 17 – Ririka Satsuki


    A celebration for the only winter-born member, Aya Okuda, will be held on January 7,
    2023, so be sure to plan accordingly!


    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on FRUITS ZIPPER. 

    Stay tuned for the next installment of the IDOLATER series!

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Teams Up with Zunda Saryo as Final LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project Collaboration

    02.August.2022 | MUSIC / SPOT

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu recently wrapped up her 10th-anniversary tour with an extra performance in Okinawa on July 23. After completing 30 shows over six months, the longest tour of her career, Kyary will perform a solo concert at Nippon Budokan on October 19 to truly conclude this epic tour.


    As part of her tour, the singer has continued to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities with the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project. At each tour location, the artist collaborates with a local company, creating special collaboration logos and products that have become the talk of social media. Kyary has announced the final collaboration for the project, bringing the total to 32. 


    During the national tour, the Miyagi concert scheduled for June 25 was canceled due to difficulties at the planned venue, Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi, after an earthquake hit off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in March. Although the artist wasn’t able to hold her planned performance in the area, she still wants to share the charm of Miyagi with the rest of Japan. The singer will team up with Zunda Saryo, a leading company in the area, for a special release.

    Zunda-mochi is a traditional treat popular in Sendai. Loved for centuries, this seasonal delicacy is made by boiling and mashing young soybeans which can only be harvested for a few short days in summer before they turn yellow and ripen. These are then mixed with sugar and wrapped around a rice cake. Zunda Saryo produces many different varieties of this luxurious treat, allowing people to eat them whenever and however they like. From the Zunda Shake to the Zunda Roll Cake, these sweets contain many health benefits–they are rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. So don’t feel any guilt the next time you eat your fill!


    For this collaboration, Zunda Saryo’s reimagined logo pays homage to the artwork seen on the jacket of the ‘KPP 2014 JAPAN ARENA TOUR COLORFUL PANIC TOYBOX’ Blu-ray release. The company’s edamame-inspired mark has been redesigned to feature Kyary’s distinctive headpieces, and the artist can be seen smiling with a Zunda Shake in hand.

    A colorful collaborative T-shirt is also on sale featuring the new logo and the singer’s 10th-anniversary logo. The shirt is available on the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project website for two weeks only starting July 29, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Miyagi Prefecture to help repair the Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi which was damaged by the June earthquake.

  • KAWAII LAB. Report #8: FRUITS ZIPPER Members Discuss Their Hot New Track ‘RADIO GALAXY’

    29.July.2022 | FEATURES / MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    On July 29, FRUITS ZIPPER released their 4th single RADIO GALAXY. The music video makes full use of CG to express the group’s worldview and is sure to attract attention for its immense creativity, which breaks through the borders of the idol industry. 


    Today, we’re sitting down with four members of FRUITS ZIPPER–Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Luna Nakagawa, and Noel Hayase–to chat about the release of RADIO GALAXY.



    When you first heard RADIO GALAXY, what did you think? 



    “I thought it really shined, and it was like every single part of the song was totally
    different!! The rhythm changes and the overall atmosphere changes too, but that’s
    something that has become typical of FRUITS ZIPPER. Personally, I love it.”



    “It’s an incredible song! I love songs that change the rhythm and tone throughout, so I was super happy to be able to sing this one!” 


    “It blew me away like no other song ever has. I could tell from the intro that it would
    become our signature song.” 



    “It’s so fun how the tune changes throughout. I really wanted to try rapping, so I’m glad
    that we could include that too!”



    What have fans been saying about RADIO GALAXY? What have their impressions been?



    “I’ve heard a lot of our fans say that they love this track. During our live shows, fans love to dance along and shake their penlights in tune with the rhythm while doing our moves, you know? I’ve heard a lot of people say that keeping up with this song will be way too difficult. (laugh)”



    “I’ve heard a lot of different comments! People have said it sounds fresh, it sounds cool, it’s satisfying…one person said that they’d never heard an idol song like it!” 



    “Everyone around me is a RADIO GALAXY fan. They’ve only seen it performed live so far, so I’ve heard a lot of fans say that they love the moment the curtain opens and we’re doing the pose. (laugh)”



    “A lot of fans have said that it’s super fun and that they don’t get sick of listening to it since the tune changes so much!” 


    Tell us a story about RADIO GALAXY. Maybe something that hasn’t been shared yet. 



    “When we recieved this song, one thing hadn’t been decided–who was going to rap. We ended up all working together with our voice coach and we’d perform the rap part one by one like we were auditioning. We had so much fun taking turns rapping, and we ended up praising each other’s specific way of doing it and what we’d each bring to the song. (laugh) Finally, Misa (Kimura) each assigned us our parts, but she also listened to our thoughts and our wishes, which was wonderful.” 



    “We all held an audition for the rap part since we all wanted to do it. Noel was definitely the best, so she got the part by a landslide. (laugh)” 



    “Right before the final chorus, there’s some neat choreography (in slow motion) as a meteor flies overhead, and the other members support me as I reach up to catch it. It’s like our hearts become one at that moment. Sometimes, if I’m really hungry, I’ll eat a meteorite.” 



    “The first line in the song is “Let’s go!” During recording, we said it over and over in all kinds of ways and they picked the best take. When I heard the finished product, I was surprised! When you see us perform this song live, I want you to compare those small nuances.”



    Leave us with one last comment, please!



    RADIO GALAXY has become a group favorite, and it’s a song that’s incredibly important to us. I hope everyone will cherish this song along with us, and I hope that you’ll listen to it over and over and really enjoying to the max when you see us live!” 



    “After only being able to hear RADIO GALAXY live, now that the music video is out, I’m happy that the fans will be able to hear it whenever they like. We also say “FRUITS ZIPPER” in the lyrics at the beginning of the song, so I really hope this will become our representative track.”



    “I personally love this song so much, and I want everyone else to love it too. I love it so much that I want aliens to hear it.”



    “I really think that only FRUITS ZIPPER could sing this song. I’ll sing it with care, so please listen to it as much as you can!”



    Next week’s KAWAII LAB report will focus on IDOLATER. 


    Be sure to stay tuned for the next report on FRUITS ZIPPER!

  • Idol Group FRUITS ZIPPER Releases 4th Single ‘RADIO GALAXY,’ Music Video Revealed

    29.July.2022 | MUSIC

    FRUITS ZIPPER, a new idol group from ASOBISYSTEM, has a simple concept: “From Harajuku to the World.” Ready to transmit what they call ‘NEW KAWAII’ from Harajuku, an area known for fashion and individuality, to their soon-to-be global fanbase, the group consists of seven members: Amane Tsukiashi, Suzuka Chinzei, Yui Sakurai, Luna Nakagawa, Mana Manaka, Karen Matsumoto, and Noel Hayase.


    This spring, the group released the song Watashino Ichiban Kawaiitokoro, which exploded in popularity on TikTok racking up over 200 million plays. The song also ranked on the TikTok HOT SONGS list and ranked at #1 on Spotify’s viral chart. Fans requested a music video, and after its release, it pulled in over 1.1 million views in one month.


    The group’s long-awaited new single RADIO GALAXY was released on July 29, 2022.

    This is FRUITS ZIPPER’s 4th single, created in collaboration with trackmaker, singer, and producer YUC’e, who has provided songs for numerous artists and idols in the past.


    YUC’e is known for her dance music inlaid with ‘KAWAII’ elements, and the artist has become incredibly popular both in Japan and abroad. It’s no surprise that she chose to work with the adorable members of FRUITS ZIPPER, who are aiming to bring Harajuku culture to fans around the world.


    A music video for RADIO GALAXY was posted to YouTube ahead of the song’s streaming release.


    FRUITS ZIPPER’s artist photos were created by YUKARI, a video director, art director, and 3DCG artist from the digital creative company OFBYFOR TOKYO.



    A special campaign to celebrate the release of the new song is ongoing on a number of music streaming sites. In addition, FRUITS ZIPPER will hold their first solo concert at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on September 12.


    For a long time, RADIO GALAXY was only known to fans in the in-crowd who saw it performed at FRUITS ZIPPER live shows. Now, everyone can dance along! 

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Concludes National Tour, Final Performance to be Held at Nippon Budokan in October

    26.July.2022 | MUSIC

    On July 23, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu held an extra performance at Koza Music Town in Okinawa as a part of her 10th-anniversary tour, ‘Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ANNIVERSARY JAPAN TOUR 2022 CANDY WAVE.’ The tour has also been held to promote the singer’s latest album, Candy Racer.

    The tour began on January 16 at Atsugi City Cultural Hall in Kanagawa. Kyary created the tour to both thank fans for the past 10 years of support and to help those around Japan to forget the gloomy days of the pandemic, giving them a new happy memory to hold onto.


    The tour was the longest in the singer’s career, with Kyary performing 30 shows over a six-month period. The tour marked the first time the artist had held a solo concert in Yamagata, Akita, Nara, Tottori, and Nagasaki. 

    “I know some of you will be watching me perform for the first time, so I’ve prepared plenty of songs to get you pumped up,” the artist called out during her first Okinawa performance. The setlist included Candy Racer and Dodonpa from Kyary’s new album, as well as classic tracks like PONPONPON, Tsukematsukeru, and CANDY CANDY for a total of 18 tracks. The venue was lively and filled with smiles until the very last moment.

    During the encore, Kyary chatted with the audience, expressing her gratitude as she wrapped up six long months of touring. 


    “What would it feel like to tour for six months? I had a lot of thoughts about what it would be like, but now that it’s over, I want to do it all over again. This tour made me realize how lucky I am–I get so much energy and joy from everyone. You’re the reason that I can enjoy doing these concerts. You’re all a part of me,” Kyary said. “I want to thank all of my fans! I want to thank everyone!”

    In April, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu performed at Coachella 2022, one of the world’s largest music festivals. The artist received incredible acclaim both in Japan and abroad.


    In conjunction with the nationwide tour, the LOCAL POWER JAPAN Project was launched to energize Japan through the appeal of regional towns and cities. 


    This project was a new attempt to enliven local communities by collaborating with companies that have roots in the rural locations where Kyary’s concerts were held. These company’s logos were reimagined, paying homage to the artwork associated with Kyary’s previous song releases. Over the course of the tour, Kyary collaborated with 31 local businesses, including a collab with Little Tokyo when the artist visited the U.S. in April. 


    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who has overcome a number of trials and difficulties during her career, will hold her first solo performance at Nippon Budokan in six years on October 19. Tickets are on sale now, and fans can look forward to a memorable night!


    Photo by Masamune Maeda