Ano Releases Emotional Rock Tune ‘Neetneves’ on Streaming Services

23.December.2022 | MUSIC

Following the popularity of her track Chu, Tayousei, used as an ending theme for the anime series Chainsaw Man, J-rock star ano released her new track Neetneves on streaming services on December 21, 2022. The new track is being used as the theme song for the MAYHEM GIRLs film.

The music video for Neetneves has also been uploaded to YouTube, featuring plenty of chaotic pop visuals. The video was created by Yuichiro Saeki.


Released last month, Chu, Tayousei debuted in the new spot on the Billboard Heatseekers Songs spot. It also charted at #5 on Spotify, #7 on iTunes, #6 on the J-Pop chart, and #16 on Apple Music’s Top Songs. Over 43,000 related TikTok videos have been posted with the total number of views exceeding 100 million. In particular, the dance has been a hot topic on social media.


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  • New Track by ano ‘AIDA’ Chosen as Ending Theme for Tiger & Bunny 2

    18.March.2022 | ANIME&GAME / MUSIC

    With over 1.4 million followers, popular artist ano, known as ano-chan to her fans, is about to make her major debut with Toy’s Factory! 


    Launching her first solo project in September 2020, ano has finally landed a spot on the global stage.


    Along with being a talented musician, she has also appeared as a model and TV personality over the years, solidifying her place as a beloved figure among the younger generation. Having already collaborated with a number of creators, ano’s future is already looking bright.


    New photos of the artist have been released along with her major debut announcement, with art director Kenjiro Sano in charge.


    ano’s major debut single AIDA will be released on April 8, and has been chosen to serve as the ending theme for Tiger & Bunny 2, which will also be released on Netflix worldwide the same day. The track is a ballad filled with ano’s personality, and the cover artwork was also created by Kenjiro Sano. 


    Tiger & Bunny 2 will be available exclusively on Netflix starting April 8, 2022.


    Comment from ano

    I’m so happy to announce that I’ll be making my major debut with Toy’s Factory!!! It’s been my dream to make a major label debut since I was a little girl and I’m just so happy!!! I want to thank my manager and everyone who has supported me so far!!! I’ll do my best to pay everyone back by performing at Budokan someday!!! Thank you for the kind words and encouragement!!!