Spring 2023 Issue of Zipper Magazine Now on Sale

28.March.2023 | FASHION

The Spring 2023 issue of the revived fashion creator magazine Zipper was released on March 23.


This issue focuses on the major fashion and beauty trends this spring and the globally-popular eight-member boy group ATEEZ appears on the cover clad in retro-pop Harajuku fashion. The deluxe edition also comes with a double-sided poster.


Zipper ended its 24-year history in December 2017, but in March 2022, ASOBISYSTEM teamed up with DONUTS Inc. to revive the magazine as a quarterly release. The fashion magazine, popular with Gen Z, is known for sharing details aspects of Harajuku culture and will continue to share more from the creative center of Tokyo for years to come.


  • Zipper Magazine’s 2022-2023 Winter Issue on Sale Now

    14.January.2023 | FASHION

    The Winter 2022-2023 issue of the revived fashion creator magazine Zipper went on sale on December 23.


    This issue focuses on this winter’s must-know trends and is packed with coordination tips, outfit plans through spring, snapshots, hair and makeup tips, and much more.


    Zipper ended its 24-year history in December 2017. In March 2022, ASOBISYSTEM teamed up with DONUTS Inc. to revive the magazine as a quarterly release. The fashion magazine, popular with Gen Z, is known for sharing details aspects of Harajuku culture and will continue to share more from the creative center of Tokyo for years to come.

    Standard Edition (Cover: Nagisa Saito)

    Another Edition (Cover: FRUITS ZIPPER)
  • Legendary Street Fashion Magazine FRUITS Launches Collaborative Issue with atmos pink

    10.April.2022 | FASHION

    FRUiTS, a magazine capturing the essence of Harajuku culture through fashion, will release a special issue in collaboration with women’s sneaker store atmos pink and SNKRGIRL, the first and only sneaker news site for women in Japan.


    SNKRGIRL, Japan’s first and only sneaker media for women by women, is participating in this special collab with FRUiTS, the legendary street photo magazine that introduced Harajuku culture to the world, and atmos pink, the popular Tokyo-based sneaker select store for women.


    Bikkuriman Sticker

    FRUiTS editor-in-chief shot the images for the special issue. Female sneaker lovers are becoming more common in the Japanese fashion scene, with #SneakerGirls often trending on social media.


    The new issue will feature popular influencers who attended SNKRGIRL’s recent Harajuku Snap Party, as well as models, dancers, and women from many other walks of life. The magazine will be a way to see what Harajuku fashion looks like in 2022, and each issue will include a special Bikkuriman sticker!


    The cover features influential model YURINO, a big name in the fashion and sneaker scene. Readers can enjoy an interview between Harajuku fashion expert Kaoru Takami and FRUiTS editor-in-chief too, so don’t miss it!



  • Sakurazaka46 2nd Gen Members Hono Tamura, Karin Fujiyoshi, Hikaru Morita and Rena Moriya Appear on Cover of B.L.T. Magazine

    23.March.2022 | FASHION

    The cover of the May 2022 issue of B.L.T Magazine will be graced by second-generation members of the idol group Sakurazaka46! The new issue will go on sale on March 24.


    The group will release its 4th single, Samidare yo, on April 6. Hono Tamura, Karin Fujiyoshi, Hikaru Morita, and Rena Moriya will be dressed in vivid red outfits against a bright blue sky on the new cover, and fans of the group won’t want to miss getting their hands on this commemorative issue! A 22-page long photoshoot is also included inside, so look forward to seeing the members in vintage clothing!

  • BiSH Appears on First Front Cover of the Reborn Fashion Magazine Zipper

    19.March.2022 | FASHION

    DONUTS and ASOBISYSTEM will begin reprinting the legendary fashion magazine Zipper starting March 23, 2022! The commemorative first issue will feature girls group BiSH on the cover, and the girls will also take center stage in a six-page special feature.


    The first feature will feature plenty of what Zipper is known for–Harajuku street photography. The magazine is filled with unique talents who are looking towards the future of Tokyo’s style. The theme, simply put, is “I decide what’s fashionable!” 

    The grand prize winner of the Zipper model audition will also be announced in the first issue. Seven finalists were selected via a live streaming audition and a professional photo shoot. The winner will work as a Zipper model for a full year.

  • Harajuku Girls Magazine Zipper to Return to Quarterly Release Schedule After 5 Years

    23.December.2021 | FASHION

    Popular Harajuku-based fashion magazine Zipper, which ceased publication in 2017, will return in March 2022! The rebirth of the magazine is being spearheaded as a joint venture between DONUTS Inc. and ASOBISYSTEM.


    Zipper was first published in 1993 as a way to say “NO!” to traditional style. It continued to inspire creative minds for 24 years until it ceased publication in 2017, and many Harajuku-based celebrities and influencers cite the magazine as a major source of inspiration over the years. Now, this beacon of individuality and fashion is making a triumphant comeback right when the world needs it most.

    In addition to the magazine, Zipper will also be available on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, opening up the brand to fans of Japanese fashion around the world. More details will be announced in the future.

  • Yuriyan Retriever Features in VOUGE GIRL’s ‘Girl of the Month’

    13.December.2020 | FASHION

    VOGUE GIRL is a leading new-generation web magazine picking up the latest in international trends for women. Its most popular feature is Girl of the Month which offers a close-up of a different girl every month where they serve their own fashion stories.


    This month features Yuriyan Retriever who is celebrating her loss of 36kg, showcasing a fresh new look and positive mindset. She is serving curves, power, humour, and cuteness with her eye-catching combination of makeup with abstract colours and a sensual mini dress.

    “It’s not because she has lost weight that she has become more beautiful,” the editor of her feature explains, “but rather that living a healthy and positive lifestyle has caused her to shine and given her much more confidence. ” They go on to describe the photo shoot itself being a fun experience thanks to Yuriyan’s erratic posing and dazzling expressions, and how they have never seen a shoot before that has resulted in so many laughs amongst the staff.


    In her upcoming appearance in ’90 Second Challenge’ on VOGUE GIRL’s official YouTube channel, Yuriyan will talk about her morning routine before work, the music she listens to when working out, her favourite body parts, and more.

  • Kanjani Eight Feature on Front Cover of PERSON Magazine’s 100th Issue

    08.December.2020 | FASHION

    The 100th issue of Japan’s popular photo magazine TV GUIDE PERSON will be released on December 9, 2020, featuring Japanese boy band Kanjani Eight on the front cover.


    TV GUIDE PERSON‘s first issue was released in March 2012 and has welcomed countless acts on the front cover.


    Kanjani Eight is a five-member boy band from Japan’s Kansai region. Their latest single, Re:Live, was released on August 19 this year. Their front cover shoot was taken by Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee who has shot photos for the fashion and music industries, advertisements, and more around the world.

    The magazine features a long interview with the Kanjani Eight members, including their thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, what 2021 holds for the group including their “Road to Re:LIVE,” and more.

  • Kawaii Fashion Magazine LARME’s 44th Issue Includes Pokémon Inspired Outfits & More

    17.January.2020 | FASHION

    The 44th issue of self-described “sweet girly artbook” fashion magazine LARME was released today (January 17).


    Nagisa Saitō makes her second appearance in the =LOVE section

    Japanese music artist Nagisa Saitō made her debut appearance in LARME 043 and received a huge reaction from readers in the =LOVE section of the magazine. In the latest issue, she showcases trending spring makeup for the start of the new year, explains how to make your lips look juicy and tempting, and more.


    Maika Yamamoto becomes a mystery foreign exchange student

    Maika Yamamoto is serving various hair and fashion styles in the new issue inspired by foreign exchange students from various countries, including a lycéenne from France, a beautiful blonde-haired girl from Russia, a hot girl from Mexico, a girl from a samgyeopsal shop in South Korea, and a traditional-looking girl from England.


    Stylish collaboration with Pokémon



    LARME has collaborated with Pokémon to bring Pokémon-inspired outfits. See Marina, Chisato Yoshiki, Cocona Umeyama, and Natsue Tokomoto dress like Pikachu, Scorbunny, Bulbasaur, Eevee, Ho-Oh, Gengar, Mew, and Vulpix (Alola version).


    And plenty more kawaii content

    There’s lots of other cute content to took forward to in the first issue of 2020 too, including a lolita maid Valentine’s co-ord, the LARME models’ various interpretations of “girly” shown in a chronology of how their styles have matured, and more.

    Learn all about the latest in Japanese fashion trends in the new spring-themed issue of LARME.

  • The last volume of Zipper, a magazine which has been introducing the culture and fashions of Harajuku will be sold!

    21.December.2017 | FASHION

    The magazine “Zipper” which has been introducing information regarding Harajuku’s fashion and culture since 1993 will ring down the final curtain with its last volume of Zipper Winter which will be sold from the 22nd of December. The phantasmal Zipper logo which was used when the magazine started is going to be used on the last volume.

    Zipper WINTER号_106-HY3kei

    Zipper’s models who used be called Pachi Pachis, talents, serializations and famous persons will be introduced in the special page introducing the history of Zipper. Also, the covers of all 272 Zippers will be released. Readers of the magazine can surely enjoy this last volume.


    The special page introduces the latest hair making trends under the theme of “HOWTO Imappogao?” Also, in SNAP, the page where photo spots were featured, it GIRLs will be gathered.

    Zipper WINTER号_HY1

    it GIRL includes, Hinako Kitano, Mizuki Yamashita and Reno Nakamura of Nogizaka 46, Aika Shida of Keyakizaka 46, Miori Ichikawa, Akari Yoshida of NMB 48, hibiki(lol), BiSH, Akko Gorilla, CHAI and Uyu of Shuengo Buppan. The cover girl of the last volume is Ai Takahashi and the volume will introduce skills of making stylish faces and messages to the readers.



    【Message from the editorial department】

    Zipper was started in 1993 under the theme of “Say ‘NO!’ to the styles that are same as everyone.” For 24 years, we have been distributing information hoping that everyone can enjoy his/her own style.

     The magazine will end but we think that Zipper will remain in the hearts of each and every one of you.

    For those of you who read our magazine.

    For those of you who related with our magazine.

    We would like to say thank you everybody.

    Let’s meet again. Zipper FOREVER!

    Zipper’s editorial department



    Let’s check out the trendy fashions of Japan by reading the last volume of Zipper.




    Shodensha “Zipper WINTER Volume” (release date – 12,22)

    Price: 580 yen (tax included)

    Web Zipper:http://www.zipper.jp/


  • Popular Korean girl group BLACKPINK feature on Zipper magazine front cover + Zipper website renovation!

    24.September.2017 | FASHION

    The number of tickets requested to see BLACKPINK’s debut at the Budokan was enough to fill 20 Budokans. The successful ticket requests were then called “premium tickets”. BLACKPINK decorated the front covers of magazines with titles such as “live sold out in 3 days”. Taking the country by storm, this popular Korean girl band has steadily advanced. Now, BLACKPINK will be on the front cover of Zipper magazine’s autumn edition! The band will feature in a separate volume called “Issatsu Marugoto BLACKPINK PERFECT BOOK”. This will be released for sale on 23rd September.

    Zipper AUTUMN_HY1 copy

    This 20-page edition includes a special interview, and is filled with fashion, makeup, off-shots and other very personal aspects of the band. There is so much new information on BLACKPINK for you to enjoy!


    In addition, Web Zipper will be having a new makeover! The website renewal will include daily updates on fashion, beauty and cultural topics. Influential Zipper GIRL models will also be writing about current trends and providing you with lots of fun and exciting contents in approximately 20 more books that will be sold alongside the BLACKPINK edition!


    If you are not a member of Web Zipper, you can sign up for free! To commemorate the renewal, there will be a campaign that enters premium members (Web Zipper members), who log onto the website, into a prize draw for the chance to receive ANNA SUI, JILL STUART, PAUL & JOE and many other cosmetics.

    syousassi copy

    For further information, please check the following link:

    http:// www.zipper.jp/member/


    Enjoy daily Zipper updates on the official website and get up to date with Japanese fashion!




    Shodensha Zipper AUTUMN edition (23rd September release)

    Price: ¥580 (tax included)

    *Next edition release: 23rd December 2017 (subject to change)


    Main edition contents:

    Separate volume: Issatsu Marugoto BLACKPINK PERFECT BOOK

    Autumn trend retro mix coordination


    Hinako Kitano (from Nogizaka46) presents a wonderland of fluff

    Instagram-worthy Hairstyles you can try★

    Series… Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Hinako Kitano (from Nogizaka46), Dempagumi.inc, Sumire, Uesaka, Masato Hanazawa, Mika Ninagawa


    Web Zipper:http://www.zipper.jp/


  • Kiko Mizuhara & “National Treasure Ikemen” Masaki Suda Appear in October Issue of ViVi Magazine

    24.August.2017 | FASHION

    Model, actress and designer Kiko Mizuhara, who will appear in film director Hitoshi Ohne’s upcoming movie adaptation of “Okuda Tamio ni Naritai Boy to Deau Otoko Subete Kuruwaseru Girl,” will feature as the cover girl in the October edition of ViVi magazine.

    Kiko Mizuhara changed her image for the role she plays in the movie. She looked at the hairstyles of downtown girls and changed her trademark bob to a brown coloured fringe style to embrace the role even more.


    The October edition of ViVi also has plenty of info about the film, so be sure to check it out before seeing the movie!


    There’s a page in the magazine with an alluring photo of Mizuhara dressed in lingerie. It has a positively dazzling aura to it.

    ■Comment from the editor
    “Kiko is extremely friendly. When I conveyed the concept to her in our meeting before the shoot, her eyes gleamed with excitement. I was always glad how she would always put minds together to come up with ideas. She’d say things like ‘How’s that image?’ and ‘This studio is great too!’ Thanks to her, we were able to fashionably and captivatingly produce a gorgeous and extraordinary photo of her in the lingerie. The final photo is cute enough to take you aback! Also she works in the spotlight as a model and actress, she also works hard to come up with ideas in the background. She’s someone that has the strong ability to produce. That’s the impression I got from her. We ended up with too many great photos that I struggled to choose which to use for the front cover and which to use inside the magazine. Please be sure to check out the October edition of ViVi to see the efforts made by the glamorous Kiko and the staff.”


    Kiko Mizuhara ViVi Webpage: http://www.vivi.tv/topics/2017/08/4794/

    This issue of ViVi also features Masaki Suda, who took the number one in the “National Treasure Ikemen” ranking. The word “ikemen” in Japanese is a common term to describe a good-looking man. He appears across a large 8-page volume titled “SUDAMASA MAGAZINE” which features an in-depth interview in which he discusses autumn fashion he is interested, his music activities and more, as well as photos.


    For the latest info on autumn trends, be sure to check out the October issue of ViVi.



    Monthly Issue: ViVi October 2017
    Price: ¥670 (tax incl.)
    On Sale August 23, 2017