Don’t miss the rare collaboration between Mika Ninagawa and Ishoku Hada Gal.

03.October.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

At “Roppongi Art Night 2017) which was held from the 30th of September (Sat.) to 1st of October, “Ishoku Hada Gal” who is gathering much attention on the Internet, appeared at the performance “TOKYO Dochu” which was directed by “Mika Ninagawa” who worked as the main program artist for this event. An amazing collaboration of violent color artists was realized.


 “Ishoku Hada Gal” is a project produced by “miyako” who works as a model and writer. A photo taken at “Hasu” in Kabukicho Shinjuku gathered much attention from both home and abroad centering around net news and twitter.


The main stage which was installed in Roppongi Hills Arena is a huge, colorful installation work by Mika Ninagawa which invites the viewers to another world. The performance “TOKYO Dochu” using the main stage was held twice (from 18:00 and from 19:45).


The opening theme of the movie “GHOST IN THE SHELL” “Kenji Kawai / Utai I” was played during the event and guests such as Ishoku Gal, KUMI, Chibi Moeko, GIMICO, Akira Hiyama, Ryuden, Aoi Ymada, MASHUFO, Kiriko, Girl, An’’z, POILAB appeared on stage.


Shout of glee went up from the crowds in the packed venue (Roppongi Hills Arena).



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<Mika Ninagawa / TOKYO Dochu>


photo by.レアメタル伊藤

photo by @lmskii