A readable fish tank!? The very popular picture book, “Rainbow Fish” and AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA have started the collaborative event

10.October.2017 | SPOT

A very popular picture book series which sold more than three million copies worldwide, “Nijiiro no Sakana” (Rainbow Fish / Kodansha) and AUQA PARK SHINAGAWA have started a collaborative event.

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The picture book series, “Nijiiro no Sakana” depicts the process where the most beautiful fish in the world with rainbow-colored scales finds out the importance of sharing something with somebody else, fighting with courage and finding something that is important. It was created based on the theme of presenting important elements of childhood development centering around “friendship” and “kindness.”

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During the event, illustrations of “Nijiiro no Sakana” will be exhibited on the wall of exhibition area inside the aquarium. Also, illustrations of scenes from the eight picture books will be set up behind the fish tanks and fish illustrations based on the characters of the picture books will be exhibited so that customers can enjoy the story of the picture books while watching real colorful fish swim by.

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Plus, they will sell cute goods such as picture books, stuffed toys, mug cups and pen cases at the shops inside the aquarium.

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Let’s enjoy the wonderful world of this “readable fish tank” at AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA!


Nijiiro no Sakana × AQUA PARK SHINAGAWA collaborative exhibition

Address: 〒108-8611 4-10-30 (inside Shinagawa Price Hotel), Takawa, Minatoku, Tokyo

Business hours: 2017,10,07 (Sat.) to 12,25 (Mon.)

TEL:03-5421-1111 (audio guide)