【Tokyo Cafe】The bistro-restaurant “PATH”in Yoyogi hachimangu, “deep Shibuya” where it is fine to go solo

26.October.2017 | FEATURES / FOOD

In this article, the editors would like to introduce to you the truly beautiful bistro restaurant, “PATH.” Their Dutch pancakes are wonderful!


The owner of this restaurant started this bistro with the concept of making a local-connected shop where people can drop by for a meal even if they are solo. The owner wanted to make an “honest” restaurant where customers can enjoy breakfast menus and sweets that first-class patissiers have made. The local of this restaurant, Yoyogi hachimangu, has a very settled feel and it is one of the owner’s favorite neiborhods.  The restaurant is very near Shibuya Station and Harajuku Station, so it is a very convenient spot to go to after touring this area of Tokyo.


 The name of the restaurant, PATH was chosen with the concept that all the staff, including the patissiers and chefs are all walking in the same direction along the same path.


The owner’s liking of interior design can be seen throughout the décor of the shop. The restaurant has the feel of a Western country home. It is modern but yet the abundant use of wood make for a very “at home” feel to the establishment. The soft lighting of the interior also helps to make for a very comforting atmosphere. The restaurant also has counter seats so even those who are solo can come for a meal without hesitation.


 The other point which the owner takes great care in is the BGM. The analog sound is played through a vacuum tube amplifier making for a nostalgic sound which many customers value highly. The owner’s pride are the vintage Altech speakers. The owner had saved these at his home hoping that one day he could use them in his own restaurant.


 After café time, this establishment turns into a bistro. They have a very good wine lineup and their inhouse wine comes with a very unique label – illustrations of persons faces. Something very interesting is the fact that the age of the illustrations correlates with the age of the face that is illustrated – the older the face, the older the wine. Even if you are not a wine connoisseur are will for sure find a wine to your liking.


The menu item that you must order if you visit this restaurant is the Dutch pancakes with raw ham and burrata (1500 yen). The pancakes are fried slowly – 30 minutes in the making and it is the dough that is so wonderful.  The texture of the pancakes is wonderful and although it looks like a hefty serving it is light and even a woman will be able to eat the plate clean. The pancakes are topped with ham made in Parma and burrata cheese. These toppings make a great match with the pancakes. It is recommended that you pour a generous serving of maple syrup on top before you eat. Please note that the cheese used in this restaurant comes from SHIBUYA CHEESE STAND(http://www.moshimoshi-nippon.jp/ja/38168) which we introduced before.


The inhouse wine of this restaurant is a weak forming Petty Ann wine with a label illustration depicting Keith Haring (9,600 yen, tax included). It is an organic wine, so it will not leave you with a hangover. Even those who do not drink much alcohol will enjoy this wine.


Take away service is also provided and it is also possible to purchase bread or sweets on your way to work. Just be careful that the items you want are not sold out. Their croissants are usually sold out by 10 and their baked goods are sold out by noon.

“PATH” is a “deep Shibuya” restaurant where you can eat a delicious and hearty meal. The author of this article being a wine lover purchased a bottle of wine to take home as a gift. Here is a bistro where you can wonder in on your own for a good meal at the counter as you watch the chefs cook or you can come here on your date. Enjoy the nice BGM, the wine and the scrumptious food.




Address: 1F A-FLAT 1-44-2 Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Hours: 8:00〜15:00(L.O14:00)、18:00〜24:00(L.O23:00

Holiday: Mondays, One Sunday a month


Photo:Haruka Yamamoto
Edit:Namiko Azuma
Text:Ryoichi KOMABA

Source:She magazine