“Maikohan Bar” where you can chat with “maikos” (Japanese traditional female entertainers) will open inside Kyoto Brighton Hotel.

21.November.2017 | FOOD / SPOT

Kyoto Brighton Hotel will hold an event where you can chat with “maikos” from Gokagai, Kamishichiken and Miyagawacho in Kyoto at the lounge bar located in the center of the Atrium Lobby on the premium Fridays of November 2017, January and March 2018.


The “maikos” will tell you about their skills, rules they must keep and what they are doing in their daily lives. You can take photos with them and enjoy a rewarding time with food and drinks.



The event was held last year and gained much popularity. This year’s event will be held on the 27th of October. Many tourists from both home and abroad commented “I’m from Tokyo, and this was the best experience to learn about the culture of Kyoto,” “I reside in Kyoto but it was a very rare experience for me.” and “It was nice to spend such a lovely time with maikos in this hotel.”


Kyoto Brighton Hotel is in the middle of a quiet residential area surrounded by Sado Sanzen Family’s resident, temples/shrines and a historical university. It is near Kyoto Gosho (5 minutes on foot) so is very convenient to stay at this hotel. The area has many good old stores such as Japanese dessert stores, shoyu stores, miso stores and sake stores.


Don’t miss this rare chance to chat with maikos.



Date: 2017,11,24 (Fri.) / 2018,1,26 (Fri.) / 3,30 (Fri.)

Time; (2 sections) 18:00~, 19:00~

Content: You can enjoy eating at any restaurant after spending time with maikos at the Lounge Bar “Cour au midi.”

Meal plan: Terrace restaurant “Felie,” Kyoto’s tea ceremony dishes “Hotaru,” teppanyaki “Ban”

Chinese cuisine (Hanama)

Fees: you can choose the menu (13,000 yen, 15,000 yen, 18,000 yen, 23,000 yen – per person) you like at each restaurant noted above.

※Meals and Maikohan Bar time (including d’oeuvre plates and a drink)

※Either the 13,000 yen course or 15,000 yen course can be chosen at the terrace restaurant “Felie.”

※ ”Lounge Plan” (including Maikohan Bar time, d’oeuvre plates and a drink) where you can use the lounge only, can be selected (5,000 yen).

※All the fees noted above include tax

※Reservation/contact: TEL:075-441-4318 (Lounge Bar “Cour au midi.”)


Kyoto Brighton Hotel

Address: Nakadachiuri, Shinmachidori, Kamigoyku, Kyoto


URL: https://www.brightonhotels.co.jp/kyoto/