Kimono exhibition “KIMONO ROBOTO” will feature Björk’s kimono and more!

25.November.2017 | FASHION / SPOT

The “KIMONO ROBOTO” exhibition will be held across a 10-day period at Omotesando Hills starting December 1st and will bring together top creators who are active around the world who will shine a new light on kimono – Japan’s elegant and traditional clothing –  and express them in a whole new way.

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“KIMONO ROBOTO” is a project initiated by Melco Resorts & Entertainment that started in 2014.


Together with the help of living national treasures around Japan and makers of kimono for the imperial household, the exhibition will see a spectacular kimono collection made by experts using traditional methods. There will be 13 kimono on display including the “Tabenoshi Bunyou Furisode” by “Chiso,” a 460-year-old shop that uses kyoyuzen dying, “Keicho Momoyama Furisode Matsukawa Bunyou” by Fujii Kan, creators for the imperial household, and more.


KIMONO ROBOTO will be host to distinguished contemporary creators around the world who will showcase the elegance of kimono in a new way as well as present never-before-seen performances.


The main kimono of the event was made 2 years ago and worn by internationally renowned Icelandic music artist Björk in her latest music video. Expect to see works by world famous and influential contemporary photographer Peter Lindbergh too who photographed the meeting between kimono and fashion.


Established Japanese photographer Koichiro Doi, who photographs moments of fashion and beauty, has also taken dramatic still life photos of kimono.

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You can also look forward to witnessing photos by Warren du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones together with the latest technology in a strong and captivating showcase created by innovative French fashion show and event designer Alexandre de Betak.


▼Comment from Lawrence Ho (Melco Resorts & Entertainment, CEO) (note: translated from Japanese)

“I am positive that this project is one of overflowing passion. Ever since I was a child, I have been enthralled by the art and culture of Japan. I am thrilled that this enthusiasm has been brought to life by Melco. I am honoured to be able to show my respect to each and every one of our partners and the creators of the kimono, as well as the Japanese tradition, its culture, and its arts. Japanese culture is an exciting thing, and ‘kimono’ in particular is something that is deeply impressive. I hope to convey the wonder of kimono to the people of the world just as the extraordinary artist Björk did in her newest music video.”


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Witness kimono in a new light before your very eyes at “KIMONO ROBOTO.”




Address: Space O, Omotesando Hills B3F (4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0001)

Running: December 1, 2017 to December 10, 2017

Open: Monday to Saturday – 11:00-21:00 / Sunday – 11:00-20:00 (*please note that the event will close at 16:00 on December 10th, the final day)

Entry: Free