The exhibition of fashion items used in the Edo Era titled,“Netsuke” will be held at Sakura City Museum of Art in Chiba Prefecture

02.December.2017 | SPOT

Sakura City Museum of Art will hold an exhibition titled,“Takamadonomiyake Shozo Netsuketen – Tenohira no Uchu” where 240 netsuke collections collected by Kenji Takamadonomiya Highness and Her Royal Highness will be exhibited.

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“Netsuke” is an attachment which was used when hanging a cigarette case or an arrow holder from an obi (Japanese band). Initially, the item was used among the people of the Edo Era in a practical manner when wearing kimono but it became a fashionable item gradually. And eventually it became an expensive scrimshaw accessory.

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The reputation of Netsuke in foreign countries is higher than the reputation in Japan and there are many people/museums that collect this item.

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This time, a lecture presentation by Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado will be held.

Let’s enjoy the beauty and atmosphere of Netsuke.



Takamadonomiyake Shozo Netsuketen – Tenohirano Uchu

Address: 2F exhibition room, Sakura City Museum of Art, 210 Shinmachi, Sakurashi, Chiba Prefecture

Date: 2018,1,20 (sat.) to 02,18 (Sun.)

Business hours: 10:00 to 18:00 (last entrance – 17:30

1,20 (Sat.) – 13:30 open

Fixed holiday: Monday

※The museum will be opened on 02,12 (Mon./holiday)/closed on 13 (Tue.)

Access: 8 minutes on foot from the south exit of Kyosei Sakura Station

Entrance fee: adult – 600 yen (480 yen), college/university student/high school student – 400 yen (320 yen), below junior high school – free

※the prices noted inside () indicates the fee for pre-ordered ticket and group ticket (more than 20 persons)

※the accompanying person (one person) of the student of local junior high school/elementary school can receive a free passport.


Memorial lecture presentation

Lecturer: Her Imperial Highness Princess Hisako Takamado

Date: 01,20 (Sat.)for about an hour from 15:00 (14:00 open)

Venue: Sakura Shimin Ongaku Hall (5 minutes on foot from the south exit of “Kyosei Usui Station”)

Subject of lecture: “Tenohira no Uchu”(palm-size universe)

Reservation: Sakura Shimin Ongaku Hall Lecture Presentation Office – please make a reservation via card, telephone or FAX (three persons per reservation) and let us know the addresses, names and telephone numbers of the visitors (fee- free/650 persons)

Reservation office: 〒285-0837, Sakura Shimin Ongaku Hall Lecture Presentation Office, 1-16, Ojidai, Sakurashi, Chiba Prefecture
TEL:043-461-6221/FAX 043-461-1311

Period for acceptance: 02,01 (Fri.) to 12,27 (Wed.) (※must be postmarked by the deadline)

※The participators of the event will be decided by lottery if the number of reservations exceeds the fixed number. In this case, a reply will be made before 01,10 (Wed.)

※Please contact Sakura City Museum of Art about the content of the lecture.