Ginza “Merrifactury” will sell two kinds of icing cookies to celebrate New Years

06.December.2017 | FOOD

An icing cookie specialized store, “Merrifactury” will sell cookies for the New Year’s holiday including two new kinds related to the year of the Dog.


 Dog(circled) ¥592(tax included)  Dog(2018)¥470(tax included)

A cookies with an illustration of a dog which is the symbol animal of 2018 and two cookies with the year 2018 depicted on them are made especially for next year’s New Year’s.


Daruma¥570 Tai ¥495 Kadomatsu ¥588 (tax included)


Kagamimochi(cat)¥583 Fuji’s New Year ¥535(tax included)


Other cookies using the motifs of New Year’s Day such as daruma (Japanese traditional doll), kadomatsu (New Year’s decorative pine tree) and “pochibukuro” (money envelope to give to children as a new year’s gift) with the illustration of sea bream will be sold. Also, they are going to sell cookies with unique designs such as a cat-shaped kagamimochi (Traditional Japanese New Year decoration) and Mount Fuji wearing a kimono.

Let’s enjoy New Years with these cute icing cookies.


Merrifactury Ginza

Address: FAÇADE GINZA 1F, 2-5-4, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo

Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00


Official website:

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