BAND-MAID announce second album release & unveil new band logo and symbol

12.December.2017 | MUSIC

BAND-MAID have announced that they will released their second major album WORLD DOMINATION on February 14, 2018. The global rock sensations have also changed their band logo to fit with the meaning of the album’s title. A new iconic symbol to carry BAND-MAID’s future releases has also been unveiled.


“World domination” has been the band’s objective since they formed back in 2013. Their intentions are clearly presented with the new album’s title, signalling a turning point for BAND-MAID as they close in on that goal.


BAND-MAID have released to the world their new symbol that defines the future BAND-MAID: a new band logo that combines a maid ribbon with hard rock.


The album will feature Daydreaming and Play from their smash hit second single Daydreaming / Choose me as well as their first movie tie-up track One and only and more for a total of 14 songs. The First Press Limited Edition A version of the album will include a blu-ray serving of their December 24, 2017 concert at Tokyo’s Shikiba STUDIO COAST, BAND-MAID Okyuuji Tour Autumn-Winter 2017 “Moeru no? Moenai no? Docchi na no!?” The First Press Limited Edition B version will feature the same concert on DVD. The Regular Edition will include BAND-MAID’s cover of MUCC’s “Honey” which was compiled on the MUCC 20th anniversary tribute album “Tribute of MUCC -en-“.


BAND-MAID will embark on a Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka tour from April 4th to promote “WORLD DOMINATION.” They will also release two remastered songs from their  mini album MAID IN JAPAN released during their indie era back in 2014, a record that is currently out-of-print. The songs will be released simultaneously alongside their new album.


BAND-MAID have proven huge international success, gathering masters and princesses from all over the globe, and their work doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.


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On sale February 14, 2018

・First Press Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray) – ¥5,093 + tax [CRCP-40545]

・First Press Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) – ¥4,167 + tax [CRCP-40546]

・Regular Edition (CD) – ¥2,685 + tax [CRCP-40547]


【Album Contents】

<First Press Limited Editions>


14 songs including “Daydreaming,” “Play” and “One and only”.



・Footage from BAND-MAID’s tour finale at Shikiba STUDIO COAST, Tokyo for their tour BAND-MAID Okyuuji Tour Autumn-Winter 2017 “Moeru no? Moenai no? Docchi na no!?” (*includes 15 songs)


<Regular Edition>


15 songs including “Daydreaming,” “Play” and “One and only”. Also includes the MUCC cover track “Honey,” a bonus song available only on the regular edition.



April 4, 2018 @ Diamond Hall, Aichi

April 6, 2018 @ Namba Hatch, Osaka

April 13, 2018 @ ZEPP TOKYO, Tokyo


“MAID IN JAPAN” – Re-release of BAND-MAID’s 1st Album

On sale February 14, 2018

¥2,000 + tax [CRCP-40550]


1. Be OK

2. Ever Green

3. KEY

4. By My Tears

5. Knockin’ on your heart

6. Big Dad

7. Yoake Mae

8. Forward

9. Ai to Jounetsu no Matador (*Bonus Track)

10. Summer Drive (*Bonus Track)


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