Dessert Ehomaki (Japanese good fortune sushi roll)! Strawberry dessert “Eho Roll” will be sold at Yokohama Grand Inter-Continental Hotel.

16.December.2017 | FOOD

Yokohama Grand Inter-Continental Hotel will sell “Eho Roll” created by the pattisier of the hotel, a dessert of big strawberries wrapped with cocoa-tasting crape dough from the 27th of January 2018 (Sat.) to 3rd of February (Sat.)


Yokohama Grand Inter-Continental Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in Yokohama. It is famous for its “yacht sail” wall. The building consists of 31 floors including 594 rooms, 8 restaurants/bars and 15 small/large banquet halls and you can view the ocean from all the rooms. The windows in each room are very big and therefore the room is very bright. You can enjoy the special views of Yokohama from either the Bay View Side where you can view the Bay Bridge and Yokohama Port or the City View Side where you can view Yokohama Red Brick Warehouses and the city of Yokohama.


 “Eho Roll” which is going to be sold is a sweet version of ehomaki which is a special food of Setsubun. Setsubun is a traditional event in Japan where people wish for a state of perfection and healthiness. Ehomaki is a big sushi roll which brings luck.


Sweet raw cream and many big strawberries are stuffed inside the sponge cake, and the ingredients are wrapped in a cocoa-flavored crape. It is a sweet ehomaki where you can enjoy the combination of the sourness of strawberries and the quality sweetness of the raw cream.


Why not try this season-limited dessert which both children and adults can enjoy.



Eho Roll

Available date: 2018,01,27 (Sat.) to 02,03 (Sat.)

Available venue: Gourmet et Souvenir  “i MARINA” (2F)

Business hours: 10:00 to 20:00 ※The quantity of the product is limited

Price: 692 yen – one piece (tax included)


Yokohama Grand Inter-Continental Hotel

Gourmet et Souvenir “i MARINA”

TEL: 045-223-2366