Let’s start wearing kimonos! Kyoto Kimonocho’s “Kimono Set for beginners” is now on sale

23.December.2017 | FASHION


The latest version of the “Hajimete no Kimono” set which includs all the necessary items such as the kimono, obi (band), obi sash, obijime (a bustle for an obi) is now being sold from the Japanese clothe net shop based in Kyoto,“Kyoto Kimonomachi.”


The kimonos and obis they sell are of original design and they cannot be purchased at other stores. In addition to new kimonos and obis for the 2017 -2018 season, the set is recommended for the beginners of kimono since it includes all the small items, not just the obi.


The kimono and obi included in the set are made of polyester (100%) and are washable. A DVD introducing how to wear a kimono is also included. Each item included in the set is fairly cheap so it is cheaper to buy them in this set than buying each item separately.



Hajimeteno Kimono 20 items set 30,000 yen (tax included)

The set includes 16 coordinates chosen by professionals of kimonos

And 5 sizes are available – S,M,L,TL,LL


Hajimete no Kimono 23 items set 38,000 yen (tax included)

A gorgeous set which includes haori (Japanese traditional coat) and a haori string are added.


Let’s experience the culture of Japan by wearing kimonos!




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Kyoto Kimonocho Honten: https://www.kimonomachi.co.jp/