SCANDAL perform new song “Platform Syndrome” at Christmas concert BEST★Xmas 2017

27.December.2017 | MUSIC

SCANDAL held their Christmas live show again this year. BEST★Xmas 2017 was held at MAINABI BLITZ ASAKUSA on December 24th. The event is a special solo Christmas show from SCANDAL held at Christmastime.


The night began with a performance “Koisuru Universe” which was released as a digital-only single in October. Lead vocalist and guitarist Haruna pumped the crowed with her words, saying: “Today is all about us and everyone here you having fun! I’m sure there are Christmas concerts being held at various places around Japan, but let’s aim aim for a bigger and better Christmas show than all the rest!” (*translated from Japanese)


The show was different from  SCANDAL’s regular solo concerts as they put on a Christmasy performances, played covers where they sang and dance without their instruments, held a quiz and more, packing it with just about everything you could hope for from SCANDAL to make it a truly special one to remember.


During the middle of the set, the band performed a song titled Platform Syndrome for the very first time form their forthcoming new album HONEY set to hit shelves next year on February 14th. It was a pleasing and exciting Christmas present for all the fans.


2017 was a busy year SCANDAL as they packed their scheduled with tours and performances such as the 47-prefectural tour, festival appearances, tai-ban tours and more. It was recently announced that AMIAYA will be in charge of the artwork direction for their new album. The band will also embark on a nationwide hall tour next year, their first in three years.


Let us look forward to what 2018 will bring for SCANDAL and fans.




New Album – “HONEY”

On sale February 14, 2018

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