Winter-season limited! “Tully’s Snowman Latte”

10.January.2018 | FOOD

Tully’s Coffee Japan will sell winter-season limited items including, “Tully’s Snowman Latte” from the 10th of January (Wed.).


 “Tully’s Snowman Latte” is a cute-looking drink which is a white-chocolate-based café latte topped with fluffy marshmallows which look like a snowman.

The drink was released in Hokkaido in 2015 and gathered much popularity. Therefore, the sales areas of this drink have been expanding.


The snowman of each drink has a different facial expression.

This year, they renditioned a scene where snow is loaded on a pink-colored strawberry whip cream.

Let’s enjoy this lovable drink!


Also, “& TEA Fruits Rose & Very Berry Tea” is a blended tea of several kinds of berries such as strawberries and cranberries and has the rich flavor of berries topped with fresh fruit.

Mix it together with your straw and enjoy the combination of the tea and the fruits.


Turrys Snowman Latte (HOT/ICED)

Tall:590 yen / Grande: 650 yen

※The facial expression of each snowman is different.


&TEA Fruits Rose &Very Berry Tea (HOT/ICED)

Tall: 490 yen (one size only)

※Prices noted above include tax.

※Some stores do not sell these items.