BAND-MAID’s song “Carry on living” features as ending theme for anime “Kuizu Tokiko-san”

12.January.2018 | MUSIC

The song Carry on living from BAND-MAID’s forthcoming album World Domination, set to hit shelves on February 14th, will be used as the ending theme for the Chukyo TV ongoing anime series Kuizu Tokiko-san from January 12th.


Kuizu Tokiko-san was created by Katsuki Tanaka, known for working on the roudoku manga Cup no Fuchiko, or “Fuchico on the Cup.” The series airs on Chukyo TV and is also available to watch on Chukyo’s free internet streaming site Chuun, as well as Hulu.


The CD covers for BAND-MAID’s new album World Domination, as well as for the re-release of their debut album Maid in Japan, both set for simultaneous release, have also been unveiled.


With the anticipation of their world conquering second album and return of their first, BAND-MAID are set to dominate into 2018 with a Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka release tour. We can hope to see much more from them in the months to come. Stay tuned for the latest news.




2nd Full Album – “WORLD DOMINATION”

On sale February 14, 2018

・First Press Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray) – [CRCP-40545] ¥5,093 + tax

・First Press Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) – [CRCP-40546] ¥4,167 + tax

・Regular Edition (CD) – [CRCP-40547] ¥2,685 + tax


Release Contents

First Press Limited Edition A + B




・One and only

+more totaling 14 tracks



・Footage from BAND-MAID‘s tour finale at Shikiba STUDIO COAST, Tokyo for their tour BAND-MAID Okyuuji Tour Autumn-Winter 2017 “Moeru no? Moenai no? Docchi na no!?” (*includes 15 songs)


Regular Edition




・One and only


+ more totaling 15 songs

*Honey is a bonus song available only on the regular edition of World Domination




April 4, 2018 @ Diamond Hall, Aichi

April 6, 2018 @ Namba Hatch, Osaka

April 13, 2018 @ ZEPP TOKYO, Tokyo



“MAID IN JAPAN” – Re-release of BAND-MAID’s 1st Album

On sale February 14, 2018

¥2,000 + tax [CRCP-40550]




1. Be OK

2. Ever Green

3. KEY

4. By My Tears

5. Knockin’ on your heart

6. Big Dad

7. Yoake Mae

8. Forward

9. Ai to Jounetsu no Matador (*Bonus Track)

10. Summer Dive (*Bonus Track)


Official Website: