Sailor Moon Key Caps & Coin Purses By OJAGA DESIGN Now On Sale

19.January.2018 | FASHION

Handmade leather brand OJAGA DESIGN are teaming up with Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon in an all-new collaboration.


Merchandise from OJAGA DESIGN is all handmade in Japan to the finest quality. From the leather dyeing to the sewing, every step of the process that goes into making their items is done by hand.

Expect to get your hands on selection of caps for your keys themed on each sailor, as well as two coin purses: a Crystal Star version, based on the magical items the sailors use to transform, and a Luna version.

Pre-orders opened over on the official Bandai online store “Premium Bandai.”

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“Key Caps” (5 Types – ¥5,400 each)

There are five key caps up for grabs based off the magical transformation items, the Crystal Star, and the Star Power Sticks, each of which are designed around the individual sailors.

The caps are made of leather and bring to life the magical tools from the world of Sailor Moon like never before. You can slip them onto your keys and even attach them onto your bag to use as keychains.



“Coin Purse” (2 Types – ¥15,120 each)

These two coin purses are based on the Crystal Star and Usagi’s black guardian cat Luna. Use them to put small change in, accessories, or even as decoration for your room.

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Made by the popular leather merchandise company OJAGA DESIGN, the charm of these items is increased precisely because they’re handmade. This new line of Sailor Moon merchandise is soft to touch, and when you’ve grown accustomed to holding them, you’ll feel like you can transform like the sailors too.


Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon×OJAGA DESIGN Key Caps

Price: ¥5,400 each (tax incl.) *separate shipping & handling fee

Types: Sailor Moon / Sailor Mercury / Sailor Mars / Sailor Jupiter / Sailor Venus


Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon×OJAGA DESIGN Coin Purses

Price: ¥15,120 each (tax incl.) *separate shipping & handling fee

Types: Crystal Star / Luna


Sales Route: Otona Joshi Biyori Shop / Sailor Moon store

Bandai Official Shopping Site “Premium Bandai”

Pre-orders: Open from 1pm starting January 16, 2018

Delivery Date: March 2018 (subject to change)

©Naoko Takeuchi・PNP・Toei Animation

©Naoko Takeuchi

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