Best Chocolates of 2017 & Top Chocolates for Valentine’s Day 2018

24.January.2018 | FOOD

Valentine’s Day, winter’s biggest event, is almost here! With so many chocolate brands out there, it can be tricky deciding what to buy each year.


But fear not! The top 10 brands from a list of around 100 with the most sales were announced at Tokyo Daimaru’s “2017 Chocolate Promenade.” Let’s take a look at those top 10 and what they have planned for Valentine’s Day in 2018.



1st Place: Pierre Marcolini

This year’s theme for Pierre Marcolini is the ‘seahorse,’ a symbol for love and happiness. Their new product, simply called “Seahorse,” is plain milk chocolate. Using cocoa from Ecuador, it’s an exquisite blend of high-quality couverture chocolate.



2nd Place: Verdier

Raisins are coated in rich dark chocolate and submerged in noble rot wine from Bordeaux in southwestern France. Maturing for 3 months sweetens and deepens the flavour, while an assortment of white and milk chocolate adds a colour into the mix.



3rd Place: Yvan Valentin

For 2018 only, Yvan Valentin are introducing two limited edition flavours: ‘orange caramel’ and ‘grapefruit.’ The amalgamation of freshness and bittersweet tang from the citrus fruits just melts in your mouth.



4th Place: Pierre Ledent

These cute chocolates are themed around Japanese flowers and the traditional folding fan. While maintaining an elegance, the box they come in also has a playful charm.



5th Place: Maison d’ it

These chocolate truffle bon bons are a special combination of 6 divine flavours to enjoy. Simply sensational and sumptuous!



6th Place: Desiree

Desiree are releasing a new ensemble of temptations this year, including bittersweet cherry ganache, and everybody’s favourite – truffles.



7th Place: DelRaY

Expect three new flavours this year from DelRaY. The recommended option is the ‘green gold diamond,’ a combination of dark chocolate and apricot ganache.



8th Place: silsmaria

The new rich ‘cheese chocolate’ uses cheddar from Shikaoi Cheese Factory in Hokkaido’s district of Tokachi, and Hokkaido cheese powder.




5 limited edition chocolates are making their way out of DEBAILLEUL for 2018. Their theme this year is “rose garden” which they beautifully incorporated onto the eye-catching packaging.



10th Place: Goncharoff Puchi Dessert A La Mode

A worthy contender for your Instagram feed are these new goodies. There are 7 to tickle your taste buds with, including ‘Gugelhupf’ covered in sweet chocolate.


When buying chocolate for Valentine’s Day this year, making it count – cute and delicious is the way to go!




Tokyo Daimaru