Let’s enjoy the “Kawazu Sakaura Festival” at “Kichijo CAREN.”

26.January.2018 | SPOT

Kawazu-cho, Higashi Izu, is known as the birthplace of Kawazuzakura (cherry tree) and it is here that the “Kawazu Sakura Matsuri” (festival) is held every year. Kawazuzakura is an early flowering variety which blooms in early February to early March. The flower petals are big and they are a beautiful pink color. About 150 branch shops sell their special foods at the festival venue.



Kichijo CAREN is a place where you can view many kinds of cherry blossoms while enjoying a hot spring.

The view from “Izu Kitagawa Onsen Moon Road” which was chosen as one of Japan’s 100 famous views is gorgeous. Why not enjoy a romantic view from the guest room or hot spring.




Kichijo CAREN’s cherry blossom spot

A gorgeous plan where you can enjoy the night/morning view. Special services will be offered.

Early February~ Kawazuzakura/entrance, hot spring “Hekikai”

Late February~ Ojimazakura/hot spring “Wazuki” ※The “grand public bath” is designated as the men’s bath or the woman’s bath according to the time.

Mid/late March~ Someiyoshino/in front of the restaurants “Aodake,” “Four Seasons”



Kawazu Sakura Matsuri Private Ohanami (flower viewing) Accomodation Plan

A plan where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms while staying in the guest room.

Gorgeous amenities such as cherry blossom pancakes, cherry blossom red sea bream dishes and cherry blossom aroma therapy will be offered.



Date: 2018,02/01 to 03/31

Price: One-night stay with breakfast – 28,150 yen per person / two persons in one room – 26,150 yen / three persons – 25,150 yen

・Amenities: Afternoon tea party with cherry blossom pancakes. (14:00 to 15:30 / restaurant “Aodake”)

  • “cherry blossom red sea bream dish will be served at dinner time
  • Sparkling wine and original cherry blossom aroma
  • “Guri tea” will be served to those of who uploaded the photos of the accommodation on their SNS with the tag “#吉祥CAREN”



Why not visit Higashi Izu/Kawazu-cho where early cherry blossoms can be viewed?



Kichijo CAREN (Higashi Izu / Kitagawa Onsen)

Address: Kitagawa Onsen, Higashiizucho, Kamogun, Shizuoka Prefecture




Kawazu Sakura Matsuri

Venue: near Izu Kyuko “Kawazu Station”