KIDDY LAND to Hold “Kirby’s Dream Land: Waddle Dee Collection” Event

27.January.2018 | FASHION

KIDDY LAND is set to hold a Kirby themed event at its 16 branches called “Kirby’s Dream Land: Waddle Dee Collection” which will run from February 10th to March 1st.


Kirby’s Dream Land is a video game that was first developed in 1992 for the Game Boy and proved popular in both Japan and overseas. 2017 marked Kirby’s 25th anniversary, so many special events were held and lots of merchandise sold, and even KIDDY LAND got in on the action, selling limited edition items and holding an exciting funfair which brought many customers into the shop.


In September 2017, KIDDY LAND stores held an event to commemorate Kirby’s 25th anniversary where they held a voting competition for the most popular enemy in the game. The winner would eventually be turned into merchandise. The results finally came in, and Waddle Dee was chosen as the victor.


Waddle Dee will play the main character in KIDDY LAND’s upcoming event where you can get your hands on some KIDDY LAND original Waddle Dee merchandise. Waddle Dee loves working together with everyone to create different things. He will surprise Kirby by taking on the form of everyone from Dream Land!


Kirby fans will unite at the Waddle Dee funfair!



“Kirby’s Dream Land: Waddle Dee Collection” (星のカービィ ワドルディコレクション)

Full Details: (Japanese)