Tokyo Banana World & Hello Kitty Apple Cake Collaboration

26.January.2018 | FOOD

Tokyo souvenir brand Tokyo Banana World has teamed up with Sanrio in their first ever collaboration to release a new apple cake. THE APPLE CAKE from GINZA will make its way to Narita Airport and Haneda Airport International Terminal starting January 1, 2018.


Tokyo Banana World and Hello Kitty are both hugely popular with Japanese people and people overseas too. This new apple cake combines the best of both worlds: everybody’s favourite kawaii kitty and the much loved apple cake. They will be sold at Japan’s front door – Narita Airport and Haneda Airport International Terminal.


When talking about Tokyo Banana, their standard flavour is of course banana. But as the name of their new product suggests, they have changed things up a little this time around. The reason for this lies in Hello Kitty’s famous profile: she’s as tall as 5 apples, weights as much as 3 apples, and her favourite food is her mama’s apple pie. Tokyo Banana World has brought Hello Kitty’s world to life in their first ever apple flavoured treat.


The outside is a soft and fluffy sponge cake, with Hello Kitty’s face cutely drawn on the front. Inside you will find apple jam, concentrated from the juicy goodness of apples. The jam draws out a fresh sweet and sour flavour which is wrapped in velvety milk cream. It’s a fusion of Tokyo Banana’s tenderness and Hello Kitty’s delicious apples, delivering an enjoyable fluffy and jiggly texture.


To celebrate this new release, Hello Kitty will be present at Naria Airport on February 17th! This is a rare chance for you to actually meet Hello Kitty, so don’t miss out.




Price: Set of 4 – ¥648 / Set of 8 – ¥1,188

On Sale: February 1, 2018

Available: Fa-So-La stores in Narita Airport / TOKYO SOUVENIR SHOP NORTH in Haneda Airport International Terminal.

*available at select stores only.


Meet Hello Kitty at Narita Airport!

Date: February 17, 2018 – 12:30~ / 14:00~ / 15:30~ / 17:00~

Location: Narita Airport Terminal 1, 4F (in front of Fa-So-La GIFT SHOP South Wing & DRUGSTORE South Wing)

*Subject to change or cancellation without notice.