Ueno Information Center Release Xiang Xiang Giant Panda Cub Merchandise

05.February.2018 | FASHION

To celebrate the commemorative viewing of Ueno Zoo’s giant panda cub Xiang Xiang, the Ueno Information Center are now selling Xiang Xiang themed bean-jam-filled wafers, and a good-fortune ema strap based on the official mascot character of “Gakumon no Michi” in Ueno Okachimachi.


The Ueno Information Center provides lots of useful information for strolling around Ueno. They offer tourist information, guide maps, pamphlets, all packed with helpful material. They also sell famous Ueno local goods and rare items. But it’s not just an old-fashioned shop – it also recognises up-and-coming and studios and offers merchandise from art galleries and museums.


Ueno Information Center Limited Edition “Xiang Xiang Monoka” – ¥680 (tax incl.)

“Monoka” are wafers that you stuff with your desired amount of red bean jam before eating. While maintaining the savoury flavour of the Monoka’s outside, you can enjoy the fun of making and eating it at the same time. The Monoka are decorated in two types: the Xiang Xiang version and the Shin Shin & Ri Ri version, her parents.


Gakumon no Michi Official Character – “Better Fortune Panda Ema Strap” – ¥400 (tax incl.)

The 700m strip from Naka-Okachimachi Station to Yushima Tenman-gū is known as Gakumon no Michi (“The Road of Study”). The Kaiun Panda, or better fortune panda, was created as the official character of the road. The ema strap was created to share that good luck power. The product is an authentic ema plaque made from natural wood.


Get your hands on these original Xiang Xiang goods!




Ueno Information Center

Address: 3-29-5 Ueno, Taito, Tokyo (Matsuzaka Ueno 1F)

Opening Hours: 10:00~20:00

Contact: 03-3832-1111 (fee charged)

Website: http://uenogasuki.tokyo/tag/ueno_info