A big-sized Kirby (60cm) stuffed toy released

12.February.2018 | FASHION

Bandai’s official online shopping site, “Premium Bandai” has released a big-sized, full-tummy, Kirby Super Star stuffed toy (60cm). They also released a “manju” (bun with a bean-jam filling) set with buns depicting Kirby and Maxim Tomato. This set is called, “Manpuku Kirby & Manju Set.”  They are now accepting reservations for this product.



 “Manpuku Kirby & Manju Set.”

This product is a big-sized (60cm) Kirby stuffed toy and a manju ((bun with a bean-jam filling) set (6 buns included) made with the image of a sweets item from Pupupu Land, a fictional land in the Kirby story.



The image of the Kirby stuffed toy is that Kirby ate too manjus and his tummy is bulging. He is big-sized and has a real impact. His hands and legs look real and he looks so cuddly anyone will want to hug him.




The bean-jam filled manjus have a nostalgic taste and on the surface of the manjus is depicted Kirby and Maxim Tomato, 3 manjus each.



The Kirby stuffed toy sitting in your room will have real impact but it is also great fun to sit this stuffed toy down beside you when you have a tea time with the manju sweets.




 “Manpuku Kirby & Manju Set”

Price: 15,400 yen (tax and shipping included) (service charge separate)

How to buy: Bandai official shopping site: Premium Bandai, and others

Delivery date: 2018 June (planned)

(C) Nintendo / HAL Laboratory, Inc.


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Porduct webpage:http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000122934/?rt=pr

Premium Bandai:http://p-bandai.jp/?rt=pr