You will be licked by a shiba dog! “Shibainu no Kaopero Aburatori Kami” is now on sale

24.February.2018 | FASHION

The humor sundry brand of Felissimo, “YOU + MORE! <Humor>” started selling “Shibainu no Kaopero Aburatorigami” from the 19th of February on their website.

フェリシモ 柴犬

This product is an oil absorbent paper depicting the situation where a lovely shiba dog is licking the face of its master. The pink tongue is the part where you can use as an oil absorbent paper. There are three kinds of designs available; “black shiba dog,” “brown shiba dog” and “white shiba dog.” The package includes two designs with different facial expressions.

フェリシモ 柴犬2

First, pinch the pink tongue softly and pull it out.

フェリシモ 柴犬3

The oil absorbent paper is shaped like a dog’s tongue.

フェリシモ 柴犬4

It is a cute item which you can used to absorb the oil on your forehead and wings of your nose.

フェリシモ 柴犬1

It is recommended that you use the item with you friends since one package includes two varieties.

フェリシモ 柴犬6

“YOU+MORE!” also sells many kinds of “shiba dog” items. Let’s get their cute items!




YOU+MORE! Shibainu no Kaopero Aburatorigami

1 set (per month) – 650 yen(+8% ¥702) – 30 papers × 2 pieces (two designs)

Material: paper

Size: 10.5 cm (height)×11cm (width)

1 kind will be delivered out of 3 kinds every month. (the shipment will be ended after all kinds are shipped.)

(Made in Japan)

Detailed information and reservations –