Let’s enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in “COMMUNE 2nd!” “QUICPay Sakura VILLAGE” will open

10.March.2018 | SPOT

A promotion campaign of “QUICPay™” (a system where one can buy things by swiping your card or smartphone against the stores’ terminals) named “QUICPay TOUCH!TOWN OMOTESANDO” will start from the 16th of March (Fri.). “Flag Add” which will be displayed at Omotesando, “TOUCH! TOWN Collabo Café” which is one of the cafes in Omotesando offering discount services to users of QUICPay and “QUICPay Sakura VILLAGE” where a cherry blossom viewing party can be enjoyed using QUICPay, will be held.



“QUICPay Sakura VILLAGE” decorated with the motif of cherry blossoms will be opened in Omotesando’s food stall area, “COMMUNE 2nd.” You can get a discount of 200 yen by using QUICPay in 12 stores inside COMMUNE 2nd and 13 popular cafes.


Moreover, the whole area of the venue will be decorated with cherry blossom decorations. Let’s enjoy eating underneath the 7m long cherry blossom shelf. Also, they are planning to sell original sweets items and drinks as a limited menu of “QUICPay Sakura VILLAGE.”




Non-alcohol drink: Sakura Milk

Honnori to Sakura no Kaori ga Tadayou Sakura to Milk no Amai Drink – 540 yen (tax included)

※324 (tax included) yen – QUICPay


Alcohol drink: Yoi-SAKURA

Sakura no Liqueur to Gin to Tansan wo Kumiawaseta Cocktail – 756 yen (tax included)

※540 yen (tax included) – QUICKPay


Let’s enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in Omotesando.





Period: 03/16 (Fri.) to 22 (Thurs.)

Time: 11:00 to 22:00 ※16 (Fri.): 12:00 to 22:00

Venue: COMMNE 2nd (13, 3rd street, Minami Aoyama, Minatoku, Tokyo)

Fee: entrance fee is free * some cafes have a fee


TOUCH!TOWN Collaborative Cafe

・For those of you who use QUICPay at 13 popular cafes in Omotesando and COOMUNE 2nd, you can get a discount of 200 yen. ※You must use more than 540 yen (tax included) to get a discount.

Date: 03/16 (Fri.) to 3/31 (Sat.)

Stores:1.J.S. BURGERS CAFE Harajuku Store 2.LUKE’S Omotesando Store 3.Mmmozza Harajuku Store 4.bio ojiyan cafe Harajuku Main Store 5.d’une rarete omotesando


9.Spiral Cafe 10.Restaurant Bar CAY 11.RITUEL Aoyama 12. CITYSHOP NOODLE 13. cafe Ruby on AOYAMA


Official site:http://www.quicpay.jp/campaign/omotesando2017.html