Let’s experience the world of the film, “Your Name.” “Shinkai Makoto Ten” will be held at Hankyu Umeda Honten

10.March.2018 | SPOT

 “Shinkai Makoto Ten” will be held at Hankyu Umeda Honten 9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery on the 14th of March. The exhibition will be held in the Kansai Area for the first time.




Shinkai Makoto is a movie director who has been creating high quality animation works featuring stories of peoples’ encounters and farewells.



The animation movie released in 2016 “Your Name (Kimi no Na wa)” gained much popularity for its beautiful illustrations, touching story and memorable words/theme song. The box-office sales of the movie exceeded 25 billion yen.



The model sheet of each character, storyboard, background illustrations and making-video will be exhibited. Sculptures related to the movie will be exhibited too.




Also, more than 100 kinds of limited goods will be sold at the art stage. Many goods related to the movie will be sold too.


Moreover, an audio guide by Kamiki Ryunosuke who played the part of the main character in the movie, can be enjoyed. Kamiki is known as a big fan of Shinkai Makoto’s works.


Why not visit the exhibit and enjoy the world the Shinkai Makoto’s beautiful and touching stories.



Shinkai Makoto Ten

Period: 2018/03/14 (Wed.) to 04/02 (Mon.)

Venue: Hankyu Umeda Honten 9F Hankyu Umeda Gallery

※Please enter the venue 30 minutes before closing time ※the venue will be closed at 18:00 on the last day of the exhibition.

Entrance fee: adults – 1,000 yen, Children elementary school and younger – free

Address: 〒530-8350 8th Street, 7, Kakutacho, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka

TEL: (Hankyu Umeda Honten): 06-6361-1381