Rail Mountain Bike – Gattan Go! in Gifu Prefecture. New course with view of valley to be opened!

13.March.2018 | SPOT

Rail Mountain Bike Gattan Go!! in Hida-shi, Gifu Prefecture will start operating the “Valley Course” from the 21st of April 2018 to meet customers’ demands.



Gattan Go!! is a new type of attraction which combines mountain bikes and the discontinued Kamioka Railway Line. The mountain bikes are attached to a metal frame with original guide rollers. The rear tires of the mountain bikes are set directly on the railway track, therefore you can peddle down the railway tracks just by pedaling the bikes. The fun part of this attraction is that you can hear the “clickety-clack” sound of this ride while riding on a bikes.



The “valley course” which will be opened soon is a 6.6km long course that connects the Kyu Kamioka Railway – Urushiyama Station and Futatsuya Tunnel. The users of the attraction will depart Urushiyama Station located on the hillside of Kyu Kamioka Railway and go across the 3rd Takaharagawa Senryo bridge and the red-colored 2nd Takaharagawa Senryo bridge and go through the Futatsuya Tunnel. Then, the bike railway ride will U-turn after the Futatsuya Tunnel and go back to Urushiyama Station.


Let’s enjoy this thrilling course where you can enjoy some great views while biking down the railroad tracks.




Rail Mountain Bike Gattan Go!!

Starting date: 2018/04/21 (Sat.) ※plan

Reservation can be made from: 02/22 (Thurs.) 0:00 via the Internet. Reservation via TEL: 03/01 (Thurs.) 9:00