Asakusa Tourism Center Rebranded as #3S Offering Services to Foreign Travelers in Asakusa!

19.March.2018 | SPOT

Tokyo307 have rebranded and opened #3S Asakusa, a service center aimed at overseas visitors to Japan that is located just a 1-minute walk from Asakusa Station.

#3S stands for “Smart, Space, Share” and is a service brand operated by Tokyo307. The company have made it their mission to design a new valuable space that uses technology. They are challenging themselves to put value into spaces that have had no practical use. Asakusa was chosen as one of their first locations.


Services at #3S include money exchange, baggage storage, meet-ups, business developments to offer experiences to travellers in Japan, a space that can be used for discussions, and more.

To celebrate the rebranding, if you utter a designated secret word to the baggage storage counter aimed at foreign tourists visiting Asakusa, you can receive the service completely free!



Also, if you send a message to TOMARUYO Portal, managed by Tokyo307, via their Sunday Exchange page, you can receive money exchange at a special rate. Be aware that you must contact them in advance to receive the rate. For full details on how to participate in this campaign, check the official website.


Finally, SPIKE OUT JAPAN, one of #3S Asakusa’s partners, are celebrating the rebranding by offering their Pocket-Wifi machines with unlimited Wi-Fi at the special price of \2,980 (originally \4,500). Full details can be found here:


Don’t miss out on this chance to participate in an awesome Asakusa campaign!



▶︎Free Baggage Storage Details

Secret Word: “Thunder3S”

Running: 16 March 2018 – End of June 2018 (*For #3S users only)

Price: Free

Opening Hours: 10:00-19:00

No Fixed Holidays.


▶︎Money Exchange Special Rate

You must send a message in advance to receive the rate.


① Log in via TOMARUYO Portal

*New members must create an account.

②After logging in, send a message via the Sunday Exchange page.