Enjoy Japan’s cherry-blossom-viewing hot spots, in Harajuku! “Galaxy Night Blossom” – a VR experience

22.March.2018 | SPOT

The world’s leading brand of mobile products, Galaxy, is now holding “Galaxy Showcase” at BANK GALLERY in Tokyo/Harajuku where you can experience the latest smart phones and the world of virtual reality.


This time, the limited-time-offer content “Galaxy Night Blossom” where you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms without being annoyed with bad weather conditions or pollen dust, will be offered.

 Galaxy Night Blossom 原宿

“Galaxy Night Blossom” is an experience-based content where views of cherry-blossom-viewing hot spots throughout Japan will be projected on the screen. A star-filled night sky and a full moon will also be projected. Also, you can take some photos of cherry blossoms using “Galaxy Note8.” The staff will teach you how take beautiful photos.

 Drink_Sakura Pink

Drink_Hanami Mocha

Moreover, Instagrammable drinks such as, “Sakura Pink” and “Hanami Mocha” using the motifs of “cherry blossom” and “cherry blossom viewing party” will be sold in Galaxy Café for a limited time offer. Let’s enjoy these seasonal drinks!


Why not come and enjoy Japan’s cherry blossom viewing hot spots, in Harajuku!



Galaxy Night Blossom

Venue: Harajuku BANK GALLERY

Address: 6-14-5, Jingumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Date: 03/19 (Mon.) to 04/30 (Mon/holiday)

Time: 11:00 to 20:00

URL:http://www.galaxymobile.jp /