Floppy dog ears becomes “gamaguchi,” Japanese traditional pouch bag

05.April.2018 | FASHION

The silicon sundry brand, “p+g design Circus” will sell a new series of “Mimi POUCHI Friends” named “Taremimi (floppy ears)” series from early April of 2018.



Gamaguchi is Japanese pouch bag which has a mouth ring and was invented in the early Meiji Period.

The name “gamaguchi” came from gamagaeru (Japanese toad) since the mouth ring looks like the mouth of a toad. Gamaguchi is often used as a purse/wallet but you can put many kinds of things inside it.



mimi POUCHI Friends is the name of the gamaguchi series which has the ears of animals. The new series includes 4 varieties including Labrador Retriever which is known as a guide dog and a cute Pug.



The soft touch of silicon and the cute facial expressions of the animals match very well. The item can be used as a coin purse or mini pouch bag which comes in handy for carrying small things like keys, medicine and accessories.



This item is water-proof since it is made of silicon which means you can wash it when it gets dirty!


Why not get your very own cute gamaguchi?



mimi POCHI Friends

Price: 1,300 yen (tax not included)

Available stores: Sundry shops throughout Japan, p+g design official net shop

Website: http://www.pgdesign.com/