“Monster Ball Disguise Series” from Pokemon’s travel sundry brand, “Pokemon Travel” is now available

11.April.2018 | FASHION

The travel sundry brand, “gowell” is now selling “Tabi ga Tanoshiku Naru Monster Ball Series”(Monster Ball series that makes your travels fun) as a new series of “Pokemon Travel.”


Pokemon Travel 「モンスターボール変身シリーズ」ピカチュウ

 “Pokemon Travel” is a brand that was established under the concept of “making products that enable the users to travel with the very popular character Pikachu.” They are selling eye-catching and fun products including monster ball travel sundries using the motif of Pikachu pop out.



Pokemon Travel 「モンスターボール変身シリーズ」ピカチュウ

Monster Ball nimo Pikachu nimo naru Henshin Neck Pillow (transformable neck pillow which can become both monster ball and Pikachu) – 2,900 yen (tax not included)
A magical 3-way cushion that becomes monster ball, Pikachu’s face and a neck pillow using the design of Pikachu. The cushion is suitable to be used as a pillow, armrest, body pillow and back pillow. Let’s use them when you are riding on an airplane/shinkansen or when riding on a car for a long period of time.


Pokemon Travel 「モンスターボール変身シリーズ」ピカチュウ

Monster Ball Pouch Tsuki Pikachu Eye Mask – 1,800 yen (tax not included)
A fun item where the eye mask (Pikachu design) is stuffed inside the monster ball. The pouch (monster ball) has a ball chain so it can be attached to your bag.

Why not get your very own cute and convenient items of the “Pokemon Travel Monster Ball Henshin Series!”




Pokemon Travel Monster Ball Henshin Series
Available shops: Pokemon centers throughout Japan, shops in airports, mass merchandise outlets, specialized stores, department stores and EC sites.


gowell’s brand site