Kurobe Dam Curry Festival 2018 to Take Place in Nagano, Kyoto, Osaka & Hyogo

14.April.2018 | FOOD / SPOT

In line with the opening of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpen Route, the Kurobe Dam Curry Festival 2018 will be held at on the doorstep of the Kurobe Dam front April 15 to May 31. The event will see the local speciality meal ‘Kurobe Dam Curry’ of Omachi in Nagano Prefecture served at each of Kanden Amenix’s restaurants in Nagano, Kyoto, Osaka and Hyogo.


Kurobe Dam Curry has its roots in the Showa Period in 1957 when workers, during harsh working conditions at the Kurobe Dam through the Omachi Tunnel (now Kanden Tunnel), had to battle against the strenuous cold weather upon returning. They looked forward to nothing more than a plate of Kurobe Dam Curry.



The curry was something the workers could rely on at the construction site of Kurobe Dam. After the building of the dam was complete, the Omachi Club House (now Kuroyon Royal Hotel), the curry was served under the name ‘Arch Curry,’ and the start of 1965, proper sales began at Ogizawa Station Daishokudo (now Ogizawa Rest House). In July 2009, seven restaurants began sales of the curry under the name ‘Kurobe Dam Curry’ to promote tourism and interest in Omachi. It’s now a well-known regional speciality.


Now, five restaurants will sell original Kurobe Dam Curry created by head chefs for a limited period. There are five unique versions of the curry to enjoy, including one served in a French restaurant with calf fillet katsu, fruit and vegetables, as well as another to celebrate 30 years of the Kuroyon Royal Hotel made with Shinshu brand cutlet.


A campaign will also be held at Kurobe Dam Curry Festival 2018 to win a pair of tickets to stay at the Kuroyon Royal Hotel.


Experience the construction of the Kurobe Dam, its tourism and its historical curry.



Kurobe Dam Curry Festival 2018

Running: April 15, 2018―May 31, 2018


・Rindou Restaurant, Kuroyon Royal Hotel (Omachi, Nagano) – ¥3,000 (tax incl.)

・Mai Restaurant, EL INN Kyoto (Minami, Kyoto) – ¥1,000 (tax incl.)

・Lumiere Restaurant, Nakanoshima Plaza (Kita, Osaka) – ¥1,300

・Mukonodai Cardinal, Mukonodai Golf Course (Kita, Kobe) – ¥1,404 (tax incl.)

・Compass Restaurant, Amagasaki Technoland (Amagasaki, Hyogo) – ¥1,000 (tax incl.)


Serving Time: Served at each restaurant’s corresponding lunch time.


Website: https://www.k-amenix.co.jp/news/detail.php?id=38