Let’s learn about the history of Japan at renewed “EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM”

12.April.2018 | SPOT

After closing for 6 months, EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM was reopened on the 1st of April and about 22,000 people visited the museum between the 1st to 7th of April.



They held talk sessions and live performances between the 1st of April (Sun.) to the 7th (Sat.) which was designated as reopening commemoration week named, “EDO→TOKYO VISION Edo Tokyo no Rekishi (history) Bunka (culture) to Tsunagaru (connect with) Isshukan (one week).”


First, Shiriagari Kotobuki from Nakamuraza appeared on the stage and along with the performance of Kanya Tsuruzawa, a Gidayu Shamisen player, he performed live drawing on a 30m long Japanese paper using sumi (Japanese ink.) The audience was glued to the performance. Lastly, he drew the illustration of Sky Tree and hung the work from “Nihonbashi,” one of the works exhibited in the museum.


The event started with the rakugo performance (Japanese traditional comic storytelling) of the female rakugo performer Kokintei Kikuchiyo. She performed one of popular story created during the Edo period named, “Tarachine.”



About 300 spectators attended the“Rekishi Special Acoustic Live.” The venue was filled with excitement right after Rekishi wearing a hakama appeared on the stage with the sound of a trumpet shell and drums.




EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM is planning to introduce the history and culture of the Edo Period and Tokyo to those who love history, to those who have never visited the museum and to tourists from foreign countries. They will hold many events to become a focal point of Tokyo’s culture.


Let’s visit the renewed EDO-TOKYO MUSEUM and learn about the history of Tokyo!


Address: 1st avenue, 4-1, Yokoduna, Sumidaku, Tokyo
Opening hours: weekdays 9:30 to 17:30 (Sat – 9:30 to 19:30) ※last entrance – 30 minutes before closing time