Honey Cream Roll Store “kin・iro” to Open in Kyoto on April 28

21.April.2018 | FOOD

Kaneichi Shoten opened as a wholesale store for wagashi products in 1930 and produces, wholesales and sells additive-free honey. Because they want people to enjoy honey even more in their lives, the store will open kin・iro, a shop specialising in cream-filled rolls, on April 28, 2018.


クリームパン専門店 キンイロ 京都 三条

About 15% of the cream that fills these rolls consists of honey. Their kin・iro rolls are filled with custard cream that’s mixed with blueberry honey from Canada, and their kuro・iro rolls are two-layered, mixed with coffee honey from Guatemala and egg.


クリームパン専門店 キンイロ 京都 三条

Golden Coloured kin・iro Cream Roll – ¥250 (tax excl.)


クリームパン専門店 キンイロ 京都 三条

Black kuro・iro Cream Roll – ¥500 (tax excl.) – 50 available per day


The bread dough is made with the store’s own unique methods. Both cream rolls squeeze out the full flavour of the cream. kuro・iro is made with rare ingredients and black cocoa powder to give it that striking black appearance. Only 50 will be sold per day.


クリームパン専門店 キンイロ 京都 三条

These high quality speciality rolls have a traditional Japanese appearance to them.


Indulge in these luxurious cream rolls at kin・iro.



Address: 21 Nakano-cho, Sanjotominokojinishiiru, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto
Pre-Opening: April 27, 2018
Grand Opening: April 28, 2018
Opening Hours: 11:00-19:00
No Fixed Holidays. (Except New Year Holidays.)



10-minutes on foot from Karasume Oike Station on the Tozai Line, East of Sanjo-dori

10-minutes on foot from Exit 12 of Karasuma Station via Hankyu, North of Tominokoji-dori