Kirby Wagashi Sweets Arriving to Lawson Convenience Stores Across Japan

22.April.2018 | FOOD

The next series of sweets from wagashi brand Tabemasu is inspired by everybody’s favourite pink puff Kirby from the hit video game series.


食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

Tabemasu Mochi: Kirby’s Dream Land (2 included / ¥259 pre-tax)


食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

These are the first in a series of mochi products from Tabemasu, filled with red bean paste and cream. The two designs include Kirby himself and the Maxim Tomato recovery item.


食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

The mochi line-up features several facial expressions, like smiling, sleeping, and an undisclosed secret expression. This marks the first secret item to be released from Tabemasu.


食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン
The chewy mochi texture and soft cream filling go perfect together. Enjoy a choice of custard flavoured cream in the Kirby designs and chocolate cream in the Maxim Tomato.

食べマス カービィ 和菓子 ローソン

The mochi arrive at Lawson convenience stores across Japan on April 24, 2018 (excluding Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100). This is a popular series of wagashi which sells out every time, so you might want to get your hands on some quick.


Enjoy these mochi however you like, whether as an afternoon treat, or as a dessert at a spring event in Japan. It’s also the perfect product to post on your social media!



Tabemasu Mochi – Kirby’s Dream World

Available: At the chilled dessert corner of Lawson stores across Japan.

*Not sold at Natural Lawson or Lawson Store 100.

*Limited quantity product. Sales will discontinue once all are sold.

*The day on which stores stock the product may differ from branch to branch.

*Select stores will not stock this product.

On Sale: From April 24, 2018

Price: ¥259 for 2 (w/tax ¥280)



Tabemasu Product Line-up:

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