Video of SKY-HI’s world tour and CD single of Gundam-works theme song will be released!

23.April.2018 | MUSIC

SKY-HI is a group which is gaining much attention these day in various fields. Their 2-day gig at Nippon Budokan ended successfully and their latest digital album, “Marble”came in first place in the Oricon Weekly Degital Album Ranking. Also, they held the tour (24 venues / 25 lives) named “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017” in various countries/cities such as Shanghai, Taiwan, Hongkong, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London.


SKY-HI’s W A SIDE SINGLE which includes the theme song “Snatchaway” of the popular game “New Gundam Breaker”and opening song for the TV animation, “Gundam Build Divers,”will be put on sale. It has been one year since their last single.


 Moreover, the DVD/Blue-Ray which includes the video of their first live held in the U.S., “SKY-HI ROUND A GROUND 2017 at Los Angeles Troubadour and the photo book which includes the photos that were taken during the tour created by the up-and-coming young movie creator Spikey John are now being sold at mu-mo shop / AAA Party / AAA mobile.


Their new single (theme song of the Gundam games) “Snatchaway” was created with the producer Koichi Tsutaya and is a powerful party tune which stimulates the players of the games trying to fight against their powerful opponents.


Let’s check out the world tour-video and the new single of the up-and-coming group SKY-HI!



SKY-HI / Diver’s High -Teaser Movie-
 -PROMOTION VIDEO- 『New Gundam Breaker』
 Product Information
W A SIDE SINGLE “Snatchaway / Diver’s High” (Snatchaway / Diver’s High)
Release date:2018.06.27
・mu-moshop / AAA Party / AAA mobile dedicated product <First Edition>
CD+DVD (Smapla can be used) / 5,000 yen(+TAX) / AVC1-94101/B
CD+Blu-ray(Smaple can be used) / 5,000yen(+TAX) / AVC1-94102/B
 ※Three-way-sleeve / LIVE video “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 at Los Angeles Troubadour”
Photo book (4C / 52P) “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 -LA, NY, PARIS, LONDON-” / an amenity is included
・CD+DVD(Smapla can be used) / 2,000yen (+TAX) / AVCD-94099/B
※First Edition:an amenity is included
・CD(Smaple can be used) / 1,204 yen(+TAX) AVCD-94100
※First Edition: an amenity is included
 -CD- M1 . Snatchaway M2 . Diver’s High Etc.
 -DVD / Blu-ray- Omu-mo Shop / AAA Party / AAA mobile dedicated product
<First Edition> -AVC1-94101/B & AVC1-94102/B-
・Diver’s High
・Snatchaway MUSIC VIDEO making movie
・LIVE footage of “SKY-HI Round A Ground 2017 at Los Angeles Troubadour”

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