Fresh Cream Dessert Store “Milk” to Open in Shibuya Marui on April 29

26.April.2018 | FOOD

Milk is a popular store in Japan selling products filled with fresh cream. If you’ve come across it, you’ll have seen the lines of people waiting to get their fingers into some tasty treats.


Doors to a new branch of the store are opening at Shibuya Marui on April 29.


生クリーム専門店 ミルク

The centrepiece of the desserts sold here – the fresh cream – is made with milk from Hokkaido. It uses an original blend that gives it a full-bodied but refreshing aftertaste.


Air is also delicately beaten into the cream to make it smooth and fluffy so it melts in your mouth.


生クリーム専門店 ミルク

Milky Cream Puff

Price: ¥350 each (pre-tax)


The menu has plenty to offer, all packed with the store’s special fresh cream. Enjoy the Milky Cream Puff sticks which are crunchy on the outside, or the Milky Soft Parfait which comes which lets you taste tapioca, milk purin, fresh cream and soft serve all at once.


生クリーム専門店 ミルク

Fuwatoro Chiffon Cake

Price: ¥780 (pre-tax)


生クリーム専門店 ミルク

Soft Cream Shake

Price: ¥680 (pre-tax)


The menu also includes Fuwatoro Chiffon Cake and as well as the Sofr Cream Shake, aka the soft cream you can drink. Lovers of fresh cream won’t be able to resist this line-up!


生クリーム専門店 ミルク

Why not stop by Milk to indulge in the trust deliciousness that fresh cream has to offer?




Address: Shibuya Marui, 1-22-6 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo

Opening: April 29, 2018

TEL: 03-3464-0101


Milk Official Homepage:


Shibuya Marui Official Homepage: