New Minions Ride Arriving at Universal Studios Japan This Summer

28.April.2018 | SPOT

The second Minions ride is about to hit Universal Studios Japan (USJ). Minion Hachamecha Ice will arrive at the park on June 30, 2018.


The Minions originate from the worldwide hit movie Despicable Me, and they’re gradually wreaking more and more havoc across USJ. Minions aren’t accustomed to the heat, so to tackle that, while summer bears down on the park, they are setting up an ice rink where they will use their mischief on the guests and challenge them on the ice. Absolute chaos is about to ensue.


Dressing up as a Minion is a very popular thing, and was even a trend on the streets during recent years at Halloween. Get ready to be wrapped in a whirlwind of Minions over at USJ’s Minion Park.


Attraction Plot:

On one summer’s day, the Minions, who can’t bear the heat, come up with a certain plan. They decide to hijack the pool in the Minion Park, and with the giant freeze gun they took from Gru’s lab, fire at the reefer ship and cause the pool to freeze! Just as their excitement explodes, they also bring in 10 ice making machines (driven by the guests) and go crazy on top of the frozen pool!


Head to Universal Studios Japan to enjoy this fun and hilarious ride and story which you’ll find nowhere else in the world!


Minion Hachamecha Ice

Location: Universal Studios Japan

Time Given: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

No. of People: 4 people per vehicle (2 rows with 2 seats each)

Height Restriction: With company 92cm / Without company 122cm


USJ Website: