Eyeglass frames will be sold from the “I’m Doraemon” series designed by Sanrio

02.May.2018 | FASHION

These eyeglass frames will be sold from the series named “I’m Doraemon” designed by Sanrio starting from the 29th of April 2018 (Sun.).

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム

I'm Doraemon

Children who are in the growing phase tend to have poor eyesight in recent years since many of them use PCs, tablets and smartphones so this problem is becoming more serious. To solve this problem, they decided to develop a series of cute eye glass frames for kids, juniors and adults.

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム6

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム8

The material called “TR-90,” a superplastic plastic used in the frame is very flexible but durable at the same time. The frame of the kids-model’s “temple” has a silicon cover and therefore the frame does not slip easily. Also, the clinchers of the clasps that connect the front frame and temple are made of plastic to avoid a loosening of the clasps. The nose cushion has metal parts enabling the user to adjust the angles precisely.

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム9

The frames for juniors and adults are simply designed (Boston/fox-shape).

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム2

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム3

A plastic case comes with the kids model which can be put inside a school bag and a one-way soft case comes with the junior/adult model.


In commemoration of the release of the product, they are going to offera limited “shopper” to purchasers of “I’m Doraemon’s” eyeglass frames (first come, first served basis).

※One shopper per one person. Please note that the quantity of “shoppers” is limited.

I'm Doraemon メガネフレーム10

Let’s try out their cute and handy eyeglass frames.




I’m Doraemon Eyeglass Frame

Price: 7,800 yen (tax included)

Types: Two types for kids (8 kinds), four types for juniors/adults (14 kinds)

Accessory: eyeglass case

Available stores: Part of Miki Group’s stores (please refer to their

website RE: detailed information)




EC site



Doraemon’s official website – Doraemon Channel