Japanese robot Sota is working actively in the “JUNKICHI ROBATA IZAKAYA” in Seattle

07.May.2018 | SPOT

JUNKICHI ROBATA IZAKAYA, a Japanese-style bar which was opened in Seattle, USA started offering an experience-base service using the communication robot named Sota to introduce Japanese culture to their customers.



JUNKICHI ROBATA IZAKAYA is an “izakaya” (Japanese bar) which offers robatayaki (Japanese style BBQ) dishes that are popular in Japan. The izakaya is gaining huge popularity for its full-fledged traditional robatayaki dishes.


The service they started offering introduces the culture of Japan such as giving information about how to enjoy izakaya, strictly selected ingredients, dishes grilled with high-quality charcoal and information RE: Japanese sakes. A few table robots named Sota are installed at each table.



Sota which analyzes the sex and age of each customer with AI technology provides information RE; Japanese culture.



Sota can also make a recommendation by saying “how about drinking another glass of alcohol?” or celebrate customers by saying “happy birthday.”


Junkichi Robata Izakaya アメリカ シアトル 居酒屋ロボット

By visiting this izakaya, you can experience their brand-new service provided by this cute robot, Sota which seems like it popped out of Japanese animation works symbolizing“COOL JAPAN.”




Junkichi Robata Izakaya

Address:224 Broadway East Seattle, WA 98102

Business hours:11:00-23:00 Sunday:11:00-21:00