Butter Caramel ‘Baby Star Ramen on Ice’ Releases on May 29

28.May.2018 | FOOD

Oyatsu Company is teaming up with agricultural cooperative Dainyu to release the butter caramel flavoured Baby Star Ramen on Ice at all 7-Eleven convenience stores across Japan on May 29, 2018.

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The base of this ramen is ice cream in a butter caramel flavour created by Baby Star combined with their deliciously distinct chicken flavour. The ice cream also has a hint of soy sauce in it.

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By adding soy sauce to the ice cream it gives the flavour a rich and sharp tint. Dainyu are seasoned experts when it comes to making ice cream as they have done so for many years. Their ice cream has been taken and mixed with Baby Star’s snack ramen for this new product.


The best part it all is the bite-sized Baby Star ramen snacks toppings on top of the ice cream. That fusion of the ice cream’s rich and sweet butter caramel flavour and the ramen, which has just the right amount of salt, is the perfect harmony.

Baby Star on  Ice (Caramel Flavoured)

Fans of Baby Star ramen will of course love this new snack, as will people who are tired of plain old ice cream! Head to the nearest 7-Eleven to you in Japan and pick up a pot.



Baby Star on  Ice (Caramel Flavoured)
Available: 7-Eleven stores in Japan
Release Date: May 29, 2018 (*May differ from store to store)


Oyatsu Company:https://www.oyatsu.co.jp/